Song of Unity

By Hedy, Karin, & Gwenith, Retreat Attendees & Circle Members

Hearing the song of the geese soar across the vast sky, we are invited to look up and receive an imprint of what peace and unity look like.

To be successful as a unified flock, traveling great distances together, geese innately take turns being the leader at the tip of the ‘V’ formation they fly in. The remainder of the flock position themselves slightly above the bird in front of them as they widen out in their ‘V’, resulting in an alignment that reduces collective wind resistance.

During the first gathering of the Algonquin Journey one year program, we went out on the melting lake and gathered in a ‘V’ formation, flocking together in the way of the geese. One would lead the rest in dance, sound or an experience of flight, and when the one in front felt complete they move into the back of the flock to rest in the support of the drafting winds. (Watch Video)

When there is an opening to lead in the flock, it is filled, simple as nature intends. There is nothing to discuss, no arguments to be had, no hesitations to entertain. The flock adapts and adjusts formation with each new leader in this choreography of peace, flowing with the winds of change, all looking after the greater whole.

As the leader, we were each invited to be the navigator, scanning the landscape and simultaneously feeling the experience of us all moving together – the innate Trust that is Oneness.

While flocking on the ice, to dance and sound as the goose flies in unison, we needed to watch deeply, listening and focussing in order to follow the leader. As we tuned our senses in to accomplish this unity, we experienced fleeting moments of becoming the one who was leading…the movement that each so vulnerably offered. Each leader’s was so different from the next. Each became a unique offering that we were entrusted to receive with reverence, grace, and humility. We experienced this moment of becoming the other leader, as an honour and a sacred sharing.

Flying up sky together, we are invited to the big picture. In the ‘V’ formation there is maximum peripheral vision, nourishing group connection and ability to communicate clearly. What does that big picture contain? A seat for the unfolding of the Unknown, the entirety of each of us including all our possibilities unbound and un-tetherable, the wisdom of the Circle and our Ancestors; it contains the Sacred: the absolute of our Connectedness.

And just when we are about to take this idea of what peace and unity is too seriously, we hear the geese singing, “Honk! Honk! Honk!” A sound reminding us to smile, allowing lightheartedness to guide our way.

Lightheartedness is a key that empowers us all. We lift each other up with song, with a good surprise, with fairy tickles, with laughing moments that hold all the ingredients to hit the funny bone just right, with a story that contains a profound emotion and a release to joy. Lightheartedness is a song of unity, it is a Core Thread that runs through us all, it is always present, always healing, always unifying; the Song of Lightheartedness is our Prayer.

Listening deeply, we may be able to hear the spirit whispers of the goose song inviting us to “Go Within! Go Within! Go Within!” It is from this place within we come home to the remembering of how innerconnected we are through our heart network, freeing us to soar into our greatest potential through the gateway of togetherness.

Home Practice

In our day to day encounters, what would it be like to:

  • Give our leader within wings to soar?
  • Flock into unity with the world around us, receiving pieces that others share with us, with reverence, grace and humility?
  • Allow the lighthearted song of unity to sing us home?
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