Mayflies, Junebugs, Shadflys

By whatever name they are known by these small damselflies have emerged today. Often seen clinging to screens whith their wings folded together flat these greenish June bugs have joined other water critters who have come out of the lake for their brief sexual life.

These bugs are not as prevalent on our small lake as on larger lakes throughout Ontario and their annual visit usually lasts less than a week.

In the early evening they fly like they are riding an elevator, flapping thier wings to go up, up, up, up, dooowwwwwnnnnn. Perhaps this pattern is meant to be a mating ritual of sorts, but it seems to me it might be designed to avoid capture by birds. It seems each evening that this dance is performed, and each evening a bevy of birds decends upon the dancing flies for dinner.

Martha is presenting a basic shamanism workshop at the Edge this weekend and the eight participants from across Ontario seem to be quite enjoying the program. Tonight, Dave (one of the participants) will be playing Chrystal Bowls as a sort of Summer Solstice event.

Unfortunately, our digital camera has gone on the blink (shortly after taking turtle pictures) and we’ll need to replace it, so it is unlikely that images will be found here for a week or so until we get a new camera. The camera was accidentally dropped about 10 days ago on a short bike ride that Tim and I went on seeking out dragon flies. Alas.

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