Facilitate Your Retreat at the Edge

Ontario Yoga and Wellness Retreat Venue

Facilitate Your Retreat at the Edge

Ontario Yoga and Wellness Retreat Venue

Facilitate Your Retreat at the Edge

Ontario Yoga and Wellness Retreat Venue

Host Your Retreat at the Edge

The Edge is more than a yoga retreat venue: We are specialists in co-creating retreats that uplift & inspire. Pair your unique offerings with our years of experience in transformational leadership. Just pack your bag – let us take care of the details . . .

Nestled in the woods of Algonquin Park just north of Muskoka, we have spent the last 20+ years inspiring and supporting meaningful, positive transformation through a wide variety of retreat programs.

We love to host retreats with transformative coaches, leaders, and facilitators of all kinds.  From yoga & wellness retreats to creative, adventurous, themed or workshop experiences, the Edge is the perfect setting to bring your community to inspire, grow, & connect. If you want to make the world a better place by being of service to nourish, support, and inspire people – we’d like to meet!

Courtney with a group

Discover the pristine waters, expansive night skies, green forest and the deep peace that a visit to the Edge offers. Experience sunrise and sunset yoga in the forest, meditation on the water, workshops in the studio; then let us take you and your community out exploring via canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, or in winter; snowshoeing & skiing.

So, what’s the next step?

The first step is to complete our inquiry/application form and book a call with us. This 30 – 45 minute call will help each of us to see if there is a natural fit. You may also wish to arrange a time to come enjoy a walkabout of the Edge or join us for an Open House.

To confirm retreat dates, we accept a CAD $750 non-refundable deposit to book it in and close off the date to other groups. The Edge only hosts one retreat at a time, so it is best to inquire early to reserve your ideal dates.

From there, you’ll fill out a service agreement which will capture the details we need to get a start on planning and setting up resources for you including registration forms and photos for your use in promoting. Closer to your retreat, we’ll connect you with the Edge Co-Facilitator for a zoom call to narrow down more specifics regarding timings and program offerings.

Planning Resources

Once the planning process has officially begun with your deposit received, NEA will provide the following resources:

  • Registration forms (can include full service payment processing for a small fee)
  • Experience profile (shared document for tracking accommodation plan, creating program itinerary, and more)
  • Photos for use in promoting
  • Access to Edge Leadership Community – calls and resources for continued development in facilitation and transformational leadership.
  • Online listing alongside other retreats on our website (optional, commissionable rate applies)
  • Program coordinator to field your questions and ideas

Deposits, Capacity, Minimum Numbers

A CAD $750 non-refundable deposit is placed by the planner to reserve the time and space for the retreat. View Group Deposit & Cancellation Policy here.

The minimum number of participants for group experiences at the Edge is 10, and the minimum date to confirm these numbers and move forward with the retreat is 15 days prior to arrival day. In the event fewer than 10 people have registered by this date, the planner has the option of cancelling and losing the group deposit (full refunds given to all participants), or covering costs for the additional spaces (these spaces can then be gifted, raffled, etc) and running the retreat with low numbers.

Our maximum capacity shifts depending on factors including participants’ choice of shared or private accommodations, availability of seasonal accommodations. If all participants share rooms and every bed is used, our max capacity is 27 in the winter and 32 in the summer, including facilitators. If you anticipate a sold-out event and you wish to limit the availability of private rooms, please indicate this before opening registration.

Alcohol, Drug, and Plant Medicine Policies

Experiences at the Edge invite us to connect through all of the senses. Alcohol and drugs inhibit the depth of connection possible and can be a distraction from the personal transformation that our guests are seeking, and are not permitted on the property. We recognize that some participants who join us at the Edge may have had previous harmful relationships with alcohol or drugs, and we are creating safe space to engage together. Learn more here.

While we appreciate the potential for depth and transformation that sacred plant medicines and psychedelic substances can offer when used in ceremony under safe leadership, our team is not trained in the safe use of these medicines, and we do not have the resources to ensure they are introduced legally, safely, and responsibly by guest facilitators. As a result, we do not facilitate or permit the use of hallucinogens, psychedelics, or other consciousness-altering substances at the Edge.

Wifi-Free, Unplugged Experiences

Most of our experiences are 100% unplugged, and that’s one big benefit of joining us! We want our guests to fully enjoy every moment of their experience without the distraction of technology, which is more and more rare these days. We believe our unplugged atmosphere helps groups to make deeper connection while on retreat together, and we know that the “digital detox” brings a lot of value to our guests.

There is no cellular reception nor wifi available to guests at the Edge, however, facilitators may access wifi if it is necessary for programming. We encourage leaders to pre-download any music or resources they plan to use.

Where Will I Stay?

During each retreat we’ll do our best to accommodate guest facilitators in a private room with a bathroom, central to the main programming areas. If the retreat is full, we may ask our guest facilitator if they’re willing to share a cabin with an Edge Co-Facilitator or team member to help make the most of the available spaces. 

Leadership Training Opportunities

If this is your first time planning a retreat, we highly recommend that you consider joining our ‘Evolve: The Art of Transformational Leadership’ retreat. Hosted yearly, this is an excellent training opportunity for leaders of all kinds, but is especially geared towards leaders in the retreat community and can help provide a strong foundation for hosting your retreat. This 4-day experience establishes the building blocks of a co-leadership model, adding to each participant’s transformational toolbox.

Learn more about ‘Evolve’ here.

Courtney at the Edge

An Edge Co-Facilitator

There’s no need to cast about looking for a partner facilitator to plan a retreat with — when you work with the Edge, we provide a leader from our community to act as your ally, guide, and co-facilitator throughout the experience.  We’ll choose someone who can complement your programming, and connect you ahead of time so you can get some planning done.  The Edge Co-Facilitator will help make that special “Northern Edge” magic happen, and ensure your guests are feeling comfortable and cared for along the way.

Learn more about Edge Co-Facilitators and how they will help your retreat.

Courtney at the Edge


Meals from Dinner on arrival day through to Brunch on departure day are included, as well as snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Meals are crafted with care from local ingredients, and catered to all participants’ dietary needs which are gathered in detail during registration.  Meals are served group buffet style, and are really something special.  We try to keep mealtimes the same across our retreats as this makes it easier for our team to have a consistent schedule and level of service to offer our guests.

As we operate a full-service, professional kitchen, we do not have the ability to host groups who wish to make all their own meals or bring in their own chef.  Trust us, you’ll be delighted with the meal options we provide.  Guests are welcome to bring snacks and treats to share, and there is fridge space available in our main gathering area for them to do so.

Learn more about mealtime at the Edge.

Courtney at the Edge

Included & Specialty Activities

Each retreat at the Edge includes access to facilities and materials including our wood fired sauna, campfires, dock, canoes & stand-up paddle boards, local trails, studio spaces equipped with yoga mats and more.  Your Edge Co-Facilitator will bring some activities and possibilities to the table, and this is all included.

In addition, we have a small collection of specialty experiences that are available at additional cost.  These are one-of-a-kind activities that go a bit beyond which generally involve bringing in an additional facilitator for a couple of hours and using additional materials – they can be added on easily to our agreement for retreat services and prices will be incorporated into the total retreat price, and might include:

  • Wood-fired pizza party in the forest with our roman black oven (included for 4+ day retreats)
  • Unplugged concert with local musician
  • Specialty yoga practice like aerial, handstand, or SUP yoga
  • Specialty art experience like the Tom Thompson Experience or a Natural Dye Workshop
  • And more!
Courtney at the Edge

Spaces & Materials

The Edge has a variety of spaces available for movement, workshops, connection, and more.  Our circular meditation space, 1000 square foot movement studio, campfire circles & sauna, floating platform, lounges, and dining areas, you will find there is lots of space to explore together and offer a variety of programming.  Learn more about our facilities here.

Included in your retreat is use of our collection of props, materials, & equipment. If you don’t see what you need on our list, let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Some examples of what we have available includes:

  • Yoga Props: mats, bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, aerial silks.
  • Meditation Materials: eye pillows, blankets, cushions, candles, backjack chairs.
  • Adventure Equipment: paddleboards, canoes, trail bikes, kicksleds, snowshoes, x-country skis, skin skis.
  • Soundscapes: bells, chimes, gongs, drums, shakers, rain sticks, & more.
  • Art Materials: a wide selection of supplies & materials to satisfy many creative projects.
  • Sound Systems: speakers available for bluetooth connection in most of our indoor spaces.

Plan your own retreat

Base Pricing from:

$ 613 /person (3 days)
$ 884 /person (4 days)
$ 1185 /person (5 days)

Add on your retreat program fees. Minimum 10 participants for all group experiences.

It’s all included.  Make your retreat truly memorable with:

  • A Co-Facilitator from the Edge Leadership Community to support you and your participants throughout the retreat and offer accent activities.
  • Our insight and collaboration when planning your retreat program & itinerary, rooming plans, communications, and more.
  • Delightful forest accommodations and delicious, locally-sourced meals tailored to all dietary needs and restrictions.
  • Complimentary meals and accommodation for one guest facilitator, plus early arrival for all facilitators the night before your retreat, with personal retreat time to prepare, connect & set space.
  • Use of curated program materials and equipment (mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, eye pillows, meditation cushions, sound system, outdoor adventure gear, art materials, and more).
  • Accent activities that may include: paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, nature walks, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, cooking, art, specialized workshops, and more (led by NEA team members or one of our local partners).
  • Exclusive use of all facilities including our lakeside studio, workshop spaces, fire circles, wood fired sauna and more.
  • TICO-compliant registration and payment-processing services are available for a small processing fee.
  • A listing on our website and promotions via our e-newsletter and social media are available to bolster numbers for planners open to our commissionable rate.

What’s Not Included

  • 13% Harmonized Sales Tax
  • Gratuities for the hospitality team, facilitators & guides.
  • Wi-fi access and cellular signal are not available during our unplugged experiences.

Explore Accommodation Options

Canvas Cabin

Canopy Cabin

Our simple, clear-roofed cabins bring participants closer to nature, just a short walk away from main programming spaces and amenities such as showers and flush toilets. Each canopy cabin features a double bed, ideal for solo travellers or couples.

Habitat Cabin

Habitat Cabin

Cozy, rustic habitat cabins are located just a short walk away from main programming spaces and amenities such as washrooms and showers. Each offers a loft double bed above 2 single beds, making them ideal for sharing with friends or other participants.

Studio Cabins

Studio Cabin

Comfortable & spacious eco-friendly studio rooms are located just a minute’s walk away from main programming spaces and showers. These feature a small en-suite bathroom with an incinerating toilet. Both a double bed and a single bed make them ideal for couples or friends.

Log Cabin

Log Cabin Bedroom

The luxurious and comfortable log cabin is located a bit further from main programming spaces for optimal rest, and features en-suite bathrooms with showers. Each room’s Queen bed can convert into two twin beds, providing flexibility for solo travellers, couples, or friends.


The Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat Centre has everything you need to create an amazing experience for a group, gathering or retreat. The staff are incredible – everyone is so willing to bring what you envision to life! Every accommodation option is incredibly comfortable, clean and cozy. The meals were exactly what I requested and beyond. There aren’t words to describe how enjoyable mealtimes were with Chef Greg’s special introduction before every meal. There is a multitude of activities that suit any level and interest e.g. art, paddling, yoga, hiking, biking. I can’t wait for next year!

Michelle Compas, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

“The experience of Northern Edge is unique leaning towards magic. Every detail of the retreat center has been cared about and loved. The lake is pristine and [our Edge Co-Facilitator] excellent. Our group of 24 professional women delighted in learning about solar, composting toilets and cobb ovens – always mixed in with first class creature comforts. Having been running retreats in our own countries for years, all three facilitators rated Northern Edge at the top of our experiences. The food is freaky it is so good. We are so grateful for our experience with this wonderful place and fabulous staff.

Deborah Allen, Sandra Pribanic, Miyuki Yamamoto

“I have had the pleasure of hosting two yoga retreats at Northern Edge and they have both been remarkable experiences. The whole team is exceptional and the love and intention with which they have created this hidden escape is palpable. I look forward to our next collaboration.”

Joshua Lewis

“Northern Edge Algonquin is unparalleled. There is a magic here that I have not found elsewhere. This magic means that as a facilitator, I leave as full as my participants, as transformed as I hoped they would be. I have done a lot of retreats in a lot of places and don’t imagine that I will ever go anywhere other than NEA now.”

Allie Chisholm-Smith, MES, E-RYT

“One of my most favourite aspects of the whole experience: working with [the Edge Co-Facilitator]. It was just SOOOO great having him there for the weekend. I felt so, so supported and taken care of and it took any feelings of unease or hesitation or doubt out of running a retreat. He was there. Gently, quietly, but present and all in. And I learned A LOT about leading. For me, I can feel insecure and introverted and it was SUCH a great reminder to simply show up for people. Exactly as I am, but be there for them in the best way I know how.”

Shannon MacLaggan

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