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Here at the edge, we believe people have a right to be healthier, happier, more successful and more inspired by spending more time unplugged from technology and plugging into nature, paying attention to the people and things that matter most, eating healthy locally grown and organic food, creating richer local connections with the people in their community.

Canada’s premier eco-retreat

Over more than 20 years the Edge has hosted hundreds of events, thousands of guests and organically grown into the largest solar powered retreat in Canada.  Over the years many team members and partners have contributed their hands and hearts to helping grow our award-winning facility and nationally recognized experiences; as some of the best in Canada – right here at Ontario’s Algonquin Park.

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Studio Cabin Accommodation
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Social Enterprise

Over More Than 20 Years, The Edge Has Hosted Hundreds Of Events, And Thousands Of Guests And Has Organically Grown Into The Largest Solar-Powered Retreat Centre In Canada.

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OUr community

Our Community

At the heart of every retreat at Northern Edge are the inspiring connections we have with passionate people who work together to co-create the kind of experiences we want to participate in ourselves.  The Edge community includes not only our core team, but also our family, facilitators, and the broader leadership community we’ve been growing and connecting.

Our History

Forest Bathing, rejuvenation through nature connection, creativity, adventure and nature interpretation are cornerstones at the Edge, but our programs are mostly about unplugging and reconnecting with what matters most in our lives.

History of the Edge

Northern Edge Algonquin Family

Our Story

“How did this all begin?” is a question we hear from many of our guests during their visit to our Algonquin Park home. It is a long story that we tell in part, to some, and in full to others who have the time and the interest. We tell this story, in the hope that it will inspire others to follow their bliss, follow their dreams, and follow their heart.

Green Living at The Edge

Recognized by TripAdvisor as a PLATINUM LEVEL GreenLeader, our operations, facilities and staff aim to prove to the world that responsible travel experiences which honour our connection with the earth, local communities, local food producers can be economically viable while being vital to the health and well-being of people across the world. In short we see our Algonquin Park home as an oasis from this hyper-connected world.

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Our Facility

At Northern Edge, we only host one retreat group at a time.  That means that in addition to meals, accommodation, and provided activities, groups have use of a variety of gathering spaces to use for programming or during free time.

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