Ecotourism in Ontario

What is ecotourism? Perhaps more Canadians will find out today, when Martha Honey of the international ecotourism society is featured on CBC news. Ecotourism is sometimes difficult to define. Most people think of tropical hiking and nature experiences amid native peoples in remote lands…. but here in Ontario we have ecotourism too.
Northern Edge Algonquin has been a member of the International Ecotourism Society for five years and the facility and programs we offer have been featured in International Ecotourism presentations the world over.
Todd Lucier, (moi) even travelled to Brasil at the invite of the World Tourism Organization inf 2000 to explain how Paddling Ontario, )an organization he is a deeply involved in), thrives as one of Ontario’s premier ecotourism brands.

So, Canadians, how do you know what you are looking at is ecotourism in Ontario? Look for learning opportunities in nature, locally employed staff, environmentally sound operating proceedures, small group travel & accommodation, a focus on non-motorized activies, business/community partnerships and a general green attitude.

Being a solar-powered learning retreat, the Edge has been on the vanguard of ecotourism in Ontario and we are proud to play host annually to post-secondary students who study ecotourism, as perhaps Canada’s finest example.

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