Travel by Train from Toronto for a Winter Getaway

I love the train.

What I really love about the train is the train to and from Toronto in the winter.

Let’s face it, no one loves driving in the snow.  No one!  And this is a problem for many people thinking about getting out of town and enjoying a winter getaway in Ontario, like the winter getaways we offer at the Edge.

One of my favourite things about our location here on the Edge of Ontario’s Algonquin Park (South River entrance) is how easy we are to get to by train from Toronto!  In fact, we’re the only part of Ontario’s Algonquin Park that is easy to get to by train. You just hop on the train in Union Station (Ontario Northland), enjoy a book, play cards, look out the window, nap, catch up on some last minute work . . . you get the picture.

A few hours later, a smiling face is waiting to great you at South River and shuttle you out to our solar powered nature retreat to enjoy a winter getaway, special time among like-minded folk.  Of course after the weekend, we take our guests back to the train station and bid them farewell . . . and the clickety clack of the train takes folks back to Union Station.

Imagine it.

Easy, climate friendly . . . . and cheap!  It’s just $160 return, including the transfers out to the nature retreat!  We even offer special discounts on this low rate from time to time.

Don’t let winter driving keep you from enjoying a visit with us this winter, you know you deserve it.  Take the train from Union Station in Toronto.

Update: Sadly the Ontario Northland passenger train service is no longer running.  We miss you, Northlander!

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