Transformational Yoga in Algonquin Park.

Post by Wendy Martin, Retreat Facilitator

Greetings fellow Yogis and Yoginis :) I hope this finds you all well and shifting into a brilliant and promising summer. There seems to be a real and impactful current of change moving through things lately, the Emergence of such a quick spring seemed to catapult change within me and many of those around me.

This April I attended the Toronto Yoga conference with my fellow Edge team mate Amanda. I had the pleasure of attending some amazing yoga workshops, with esteemed teachers Maria Garre (prana Flow) and Tias Little. These workshops left me feeling once again the depth and vastness of my yoga practice, just when we think we have things figured out we are introduced to another way of being in our bodies and our breath and we remember that yoga is a life practice and just gets better as we age.

A Few things that I have brought to my mat and look forward to sharing this summer in our Yoga at the Edge programs is the understanding and embodiment of the wave like movement within us. There is a way of moving that is fluid and strong, graceful and soft, like water. There is a way that when we meet the places within that hold tension, tightness & irritation, that we apply this wave like movement, we go to the edge and we get familiar with it and use small waves of movement and breath to explore playing our edge to our advantage for growth and change. This way of being in my body has moved my practice to another level of understanding my subconscious tension and patterns. I hold alot of excitement for this body of teaching and know that it will resonate with many of you wherever you are within your yoga practice and life.

As I navigate through some big changes in life right now I am learning to surf, to shape shift, with the change, learning the true meaning of being fluid. This is a teaching I wish to share with you this summer, How do we stay connected as we change and evolve? how can we remain open to new ways of being?

When we become and invest in being the caretakers of our well being and health we empower all parts of ourselves. As we become the stewards and care takers of the Earth we also empower our connection to it, which is at the heart of the Northern Edge Algonquin. This summer through a very connected yoga practice to incredible fresh and nourishing food, to the quite landscape of openness we connect to the deepest place within us, our essence.

As we disconnect from the fast paced busyness of our daily lives, we can trade in our computers and cell phones for our yoga mat and a kayak or canoe. When we make a choice to do less and experience more our lives become enriched in ways we thought not possible. I also realize that the hardest part is the disconnection from busy, to carve out the time for you. What I can promise is that when you do, you will find the rhythm and the wave of being connected to yourself, the parts that matter, your heart, your joy, your health, your connection to earth. I invite you to come to the quiet and enriched, the expansive and serene Northern Edge Algonquin, it will be my honour to help nourish your body, mind and soul this summer.

I am so honoured and excited to be working with some new kayak and canoe guides this year who are as excited about yoga and nature as I am. wishing you all light on your many paths.. be well.

We invite you to join us this season for an exhilarating and rejuvenating yoga experience!

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