Is a Digital Detox on the New Year’s Resolution list of anyone you know?

Is it time for a new year resolution to spend more time unplugged and offline?

A digital detox is a great way to reward a new habit.

Algonquin Park retreat for the New Year offers a digital detox kickstart to the new year and it’s offered Dec 27-30, 2013.  Know anyone making a resolution related to disconnecting from technology?

How do you feel about the need for “disconnecting to connect”.  One Algonquin Park nature retreat doesn’t provide guests with wifi, so they can enjoy the bliss of being unplugged.  No cell phone service, no internet, no text messaging….. instead, snow shoeing, dog sledding and lakefront ice skating on Kawawaymog Lake, Algonquin Park in winter – or canoeing, stand up paddling, mountain bike adventures in Algonquin Park in the summer.

It’s not just a good habit for the New Year, Digital Detoxing is good for the soul all year long – at least from time to time.

At mealtime, folks at Northern Edge Algonquin have real conversations getting to know other guests and their guides and Edge team members.  It’s not so much a digital detox as an embracing of social experiences that our parents grew up with.  Remember those times when the best conversations were over the kitchen sink after meal time?  It’s that way at our Algonquin Park home all the time.

It’s amazing what happens when folks get used to a few days without their distracting handheld toys on a digital detox at Canada’s Algonquin Park.  The world doesn’t collapse.  Panic doesn’t overwhelm them.  At Northern Edge Algonquin at Ontario Canada’s Algonquin Park, unplugging is the only way we do things.  Hanging out at a 120-year-old log cabin and dining by candlelight can make undertaking a digital detox a less challenging thing to do.

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