Winter Log Cabin Rentals in Algonquin Park

Winter dreams of Algonquin Park might be centred around the idea of living in a log cabin.  Like many of the early park rangers, Tom Wattie, Algonquin Park ranger in the northwest part of Algonquin Park spent many lonely days tending the fire in his log cabin on North Tea Lake.  Looking for Winter Log Cabin Rentals in Algonquin Park?  See below for our recommendation.

A few years ago, Tom’s grandson visited us and shared his grandfather’s diary.  The entries looked something like this:

Jan 5: Buckd wood

Jan 6: Buckd wood

Jan 7: Buckd wood

Jan 8: Not feeling well

Jan 12: Buckd wood

Bucking wood – splitting and stacking fire wood to keep the cabin warm was perhaps the most important thing a semi-literate backcountry ranger did with his time.

Not only was the early life of a park ranger in Algonquin Park a solitary one (on the eye for wildlife and forest poachers and forest fires), it was also a difficult life.  Looking after the basic needs of oneself largely meant keeping warm.  Polar Vortexes are not unusual occurrences at Algonquin Park, winters here can be downright cold, regularly dipping into the -30’s in January.

Back in the day, a park ranger lived in a poorly insulated log cabin.  Feeding the fire was more about survival than ambiance.

Winter log cabin in Algonquin Park

Today, guests at Northern Edge Algonquin can sleep soundly in a forest cabin and gather for meals and experiential programs in a 120-year-old rebuilt log cabin with our Fire & Ice: Winter Getaway.  More than just an Algonquin Park winter log cabin rental, you’ll be treated to heartwarming meals and share fireside stories and backcountry adventures on snow shoes and cross country skis with your own personal host & guide.

Groups of 8 or more can arrange this private retreat featuring shared or private eco-luxe log cabin accommodations, fully catered meals, guided winter experiences on a schedule that meets their needs.  Every year, groups of friends and family join the award-winning team at the Edge for memorable Algonquin Park winter adventures.

Individuals and couples can visit too, on select dates.  In 2020, we’re running our signature Fire & Ice retreat Feb 12 – 14 and March 12 – 14!

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