Algonquin Park – West is Best for those looking to experience Summer Camp for Grownups

Algonquin’s westside is really not just for people looking for a more adventurous way to explore Algonquin Park, it’s also a great destination for the adult looking to rekindle warm memories of the childhood camp experience.  Folks can just pack an overnight bag and have everything looked after for them. Truly a way for almost anyone to get the bucket list experience of Algonquin Park adventure.

Kawawaymog Lake is home to Summer Camp for Grown ups!

Guided canoe trips that focus on understanding the wildlife of Algonquin Park are the focus of Northern Edge Algonquin‘s guided wilderness safaris. Guests on these experiences are taken to special locations by guides who live and work in the area.  The upshot is guests get to see parts of Algonquin Park that most adventurers don’t even know about.

Summer Camp for Adults doesn’t necessarily need to be just for adventurers who enjoy Algonquin Park’s interior.  Gentle Explorers, and those whose sense of adventure doesn’t extend to sleeping on the ground have a place here to Explore in Comfort.

Sleeping on the ground isn’t a requirement for enjoying the nature of Algonquin Park. Besides offering guided overnight canoe trips, the Edge also offers private forest cabin stays that allow guests to experience Algonquin Park landscapes by canoe, stand up paddle board, sea kayak, mountain bike or on foot – while sleeping in the comfort of a wilderness cabin and dining in a 120-year-old log cabin.  Guides provide lessons in paddling, teach about moose and other Algonquin wildlife and escort guests on backcountry trails.

And the food doesn’t have to be Boy Scout fare.  It can be a culinary adventure. After all, adults looking for the Algonquin Park /Northern Ontario camping experience want more than wieners and beans when it comest to mealtime. To that end, guests at the Edge rave about the food.  Northern Edge Algonquin has recently received rave reviews and national recognition for their culinary offerings including locally produced foods and Highlander Ales produced near our home at Algonquin park at South River, Ontario.  Folks traveling to this less traveled part of Algonquin Park can stop and quench their thirst before or after their trip with a behind the scenes tour and tasting at Highlander Brew Co.

Now that’s the way to do things on the west side of Algonquin Park.

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