Top Ten Things to Do in Algonquin Park this Summer

Algonquin Park holds memories for millions of people who have had the opportunity to visit Canada’s most accessible wilderness park.  At different times of the year Algonquin Park offers opportunities to knock things off your adventure bucket list.  Because Algonquin Park is so close to Toronto, adventurers can accomplish many of these Top Ten “things to do” on a day trip, but we prefer an approach to these bucket list items that brings a few of them together over the course of an extended summer weekend.

What is bucket-list worthy?  There are a variety of factors that can make Algonquin Park Things to Do noteworthy.  I offer the following criteria for consideration.  Algonquin Park bucket-list “Things to Do” have to do one or more of the following:

  • Produce goosebumps.
  • Make it feel as if time stands still, making you forget about your city persona and the things you’ve left behind.
  • Inspire a story to share with friends and family that cannot be fully appreciated in a photo or status update on social media.
  • Make connections between people, places that last a lifetime
  • Inspire you to share the experience again with people you care about

Some of our Bucket List Things to Do in Algonquin Park have multiple versions.  The a and b versions are both worthy of consideration for your next summer journey to Algonquin Park!

It’s not overstating it to say these Algonquin Park Summer Things to Do can create a lifetime of memories.  How many of these have you knocked off your Bucket List or Things to Do list?

  1. Seeing a moose in their natural habitat.
  2. a) Tracking Wolves.
    b) Hearing a wolf howl in response to your call.
  3. Hearing the call of a loon echo across the lake and off the surrounding hills.
  4. Sleeping on your own private island.
  5. a) Sauna, jump in the lake.  Repeat.
    b) Swimming in waterfall rapids.
  6. a) Paddling a canoe – solo for the first time.
    b) Portaging a canoe – solo for the first time.
  7. a) Standing in awe under more stars than you can possibly count and seeing the Milky Way and its reflection off a calm, still lake.
    b) Stand-up Paddling under the Perseid meteor shower.
  8. a) Experiencing silence.
    b) Experiencing solitude.
  9. a) Storytelling around the campfire.
    b) Making Popcorn or s’mores over the fire.
  10. a) Enjoying morning coffee while mist rises off the lake.
    b) Sunrise, sunset or watching the full moon rise over the lake with your favourite person in the world.

While many of these Algonquin Park summer “things to do” can be accomplished in one outing, we think it’s best to savour these Algonquin Park bucket list items over a lifetime.  And hey, just because you’ve done them once, doesn’t mean the experience is any less special the second or third time around.  Over the past twenty years that we’ve hosted friends, family and guests for Algonquin Park experiences, we have hosted many folks who have come back with their children, giving the next generation a head-start on making memories to last a lifetime by accomplishing one or more of these Top Ten Algonquin Park Summer things to do.

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