Martha’s Home away from home

These days, Martha doesn’t have to go far to find her happy place.  Just north of our lower parking lot and stewards’ shop is where Gregor built the greenhouse.  This is where Martha spends just about all of her free time.

greenhouse martha watering plants


Our greenhouse grows two types of plants at the Edge – First, ornamental plants/flowers are cared for here before they go in the ground or in pots that brighten up our landscape.  Second we start a number of veggie garden seedlings in the greenhouse that get planted in our vegetable gardens.

But the greenhouse at the Edge is already much more than a place for growing plants.  On one end of the greenhouse our maple syrup rig sits on the porch.  Here we collect maple sap from our forest and boil it down to maple syrup, maple candy and maple sugar.

At the other entrance to the greenhouse are our two beehives.  Bees of course are an important pollinator.  Sometimes our guests get to peak inside the hives with us when we make our inspections.

We also use the greenhouse as an educational stage to teach some of our guests how we grow microgreens and care for our plants.

If you are ever looking for Martha you’ll know where to find her.