Algonquin Park Night Sky

starry night sky algonquin park

There are a million reasons to stay home, and billions more not to.

A star-filled sky is one of nature’s most beautiful sights. But it’s harder than ever to see it. The stars in the night sky are increasingly drowned out by urban light. In fact, the night sky has become so bright that an estimated 80% of Canadians have never seen more than a few of the brightest stars in the night sky.

Visitors to our Algonquin Park home stand in awe under more stars than they have ever seen in their lives. Our lakefront deck and floating platform provide a window on the sky over Algonquin Park where the nearest light source may be hundreds of miles away. Dark, yes. Inspiring? You bet.

Join us at Algonquin Park and take in “The Show”, a regular performance airs each evening when we have a clear sky. NOTE: Sometimes a radiant full moon rise over the horizon will make some of the stars harder to see, but watching a full moon rise over the horizon and seeing it’s image reflected in the waters of Algonquin Park’s Kawawaymog Lake has a splendour all it’s own.

NOTE: What appear to be clouds in the starry photo over an Algonquin Park lake above are in fact the infinite number of small points of light from stars billions of miles away that make up the Milky Way.

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