5 reasons why one of Toronto’s largest yoga studio’s is returning to Algonquin Park this winter

Photo By Yianna Karpathiou‎

The Edge is an interesting place to find yourself. People are drawn here for all sorts of reasons – whether it’s an opportunity to dig a little deeper inside themselves, a chance to learn a new skill, to grow in one way or another as an individual, or just as a chance to get out of their everyday lives and into nature for a few days.

Andrew Moniz and Yianna Karpathiou came to the Edge in search of a place to bring their Toronto-based One Tiger Yoga and F45 Training communities in an experience together away from the city during the summer of 2018 – and we wanted to find out what it was about their experience that has now made them decide to bring their tribe back again:

1. Completely unplugged, the Edge is the perfect place to make connections 

“We really made some amazing connections with those individuals within the group,” said Andrew post-retreat weekend. “I have been teaching at this studio for years and we made connections that weekend that we had never had a chance to make before. We were able to do a lot of bonding and really just get to know each other on a completely different level and we were still laughing at things that happened at the retreat more than a week later. It was amazing.”

2. As much a mini vacation for facilitators as it is for students

“The best part was that while we were hosting the retreat for our students, it didn’t feel like we were working at all. We really felt like we were taking part in a retreat as well. We got to do what we love, teach some yoga, be with our friends, make some new friends and really just enjoy the outdoors and relax.”

3. At 3 hours on the highway, It’s the perfect distance away from the GTA 

“It was just far enough from the city to feel like a weekend away but close enough to drive.”

4. It’s all in the details 

“We were really blown away by the cleanliness, how organized everything was, the location itself and the facilities were beautiful and we were so impressed with how organized and in charge everyone was.”

5. Returning home with full bellies and full hearts 

“I am a foodie myself and the meals were just amazing. The chef was great and the facilities were all clean clean clean. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Andrew and Yianna will be hosting a winter retreat at the Edge in February 2019, and we’re excited to see them return!

Visit One Tiger Yoga for more information.

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