Here’s why Northeastern Ontario is the perfect place to host your next yoga retreat

yoga retreat at Northern Edge

In the coming months as we experience inevitable and continued change in the world it is important to create spaces of sanctuary such as yoga retreats to support our communities in grounding through change.

We all need places to experience change safely – a change of scenery and a change of pace. A change of routine and a change of our relationship with technology. Up here in the north we specialize in creating opportunities to choose the change which supports us.

While northern Ontario might not have initially come to mind as a yoga destination we’ve got a few reasons why it can make for the perfect place for a yoga retreat.


With travel and tourism grinding to a near halt in early 2020 following the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry took a big hit. Even when borders begin to open again, it is likely that a large majority of the population will be more comfortable staying close to home. Time will tell when we can be absolutely certain it is safe to travel internationally again. Northeastern Ontario has some stunning and serene wilderness landscapes with safe space to move through postures and take deep nourishing breaths. There are a number of pieces that go into making a yoga retreat magical, but ensuring that participants are comfortable and feel safe is a critical element of the experience.

Northern Edge Algonquin is located on one of the quieter corners of Algonquin Park along the shores of Kawawaymog Lake. As an off-grid retreat centre, once guests are on the property, they often feel like they are a million miles from home, with the added safety of sticking close by. Since it’s just a three hour drive from Toronto, no one has to step foot on a plane or in an airport to get here!

It’s beautiful!

If you’ve never ventured north in Ontario, we invite you to take this opportunity to explore our gorgeous neck of the woods. Even the drive to our little corner of Algonquin Park is breathtaking. The Precambrian Shield begins to emerge from the landscape, you start seeing sparkling lake waters at every corner. It’s like the air (and all of our thoughts and dreams) gets just a little bit clearer. And, once you have settled into your cozy forest accommodations here at Northern Edge Algonquin, nature is yours to discover. Whether you’re looking to paddle into the sunset, hike to a lookout for an amazing view, or gaze at a perfectly clear starry night sky – we’ve got you covered.

We can support one another

The travel and tourism industry was certainly not the only one hit hard by the pandemic. The beauty of everyone having to get creative about staying home means that people can support one another. We can do this by spending our hard earned dollars right here in Ontario. Here at Northern Edge Algonquin, we have always been passionate about shopping local (particularly when it comes to what goes on our guests plates – learn more about that here). It feels more important than ever now and we would love to support you in planning and executing the yoga retreat of your dreams right here on the edge of Algonquin Park. 

You can experience the retreat space well ahead of time

It’s tricky to know what you’re investing in abroad unless you’ve already been to the location or go on a scouting trip. Planning a yoga retreat internationally likely means leaning on intuition, photos and the good word of your host. It means trusting in their spaces and offerings. Given that we are just a couple hours drive from the GTA, we always welcome facilitators to come up and meet us (their hosts). We offer tours of the property to get a feeling of if the energy aligns with the retreat you are dreaming of. We encourage all facilitators to arrive early and spend the night on the property on the evening prior to their retreat beginning. This gives facilitators space to ground themselves, get to know their Northern Edge partner facilitator and prepare to welcome their community for an unforgettable experience.

Feeling inspired to have your next yoga retreat in Northeastern Ontario?

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