Way Of The Circle Scholarship Fund

There is a space in the circle reserved for you, when you are ready…

Attending a Way of the Circle retreat is a big commitment and an investment in each attendee’s personal growth. Our circles are inclusive and diverse — and we recognize that our pricing may present a barrier, especially for those who have had unequal access to the privileges that many of our guests and team members do.

Our Scholarship Fund is a gift from our collective circle (all those who have attended Way of the Circle programming in the past).  As a circle, we are investing in the ongoing growth and nurturance of our heart-centered community. Community members have offered their service through the co-creation of a Songlines album with proceeds going to the fund, financial donations, marketplace exchanges, healing work fundraising, individual sponsorship, and through volunteer work in the Edge gardens and kitchen.

Scholarship Donations & Sponsorships

  • We welcome all donations to the Scholarship Fund.  Donations can be made via Cash, Cheque, or E-transfer.
  • Some circle members have chosen to fully sponsor either another attendee, or a loved one who is called to our programming.  Please contact us if there is a person in your life you wish to sponsor.

Scholarships & Financial Support

In 2022, we evolved our Scholarship program from offering one full scholarship per retreat to any attendee called to Heart Foundations programming, to offering two partial scholarships per retreat to remove barriers to access and welcome more inclusivity and diversity in our Heart Foundations retreats:

The Access Scholarship is one way we remove barriers to welcome and include those who have had systemic inequitable access to this type of experience. It is offered to one attendee per retreat who identifies as a member of a marginalized or racialized community.

The Inclusion Scholarship is one way we welcome & include participants with diverse perspectives to bring their whole selves to fully participate in our community. It is offered to one attendee per retreat who identifies as a member of a community that has faced exclusion on the basis of their identity (For example: race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, economic status, or other aspect of their identity.)

In addition, scholarship applicants must be aligned with the “9 C’s” of the Way of the Circle.

The amount of each scholarship is $575 (50% of retreat costs in a shared studio cabin or private canvas cabin) and is applied as a payment on the participant’s invoice. The remaining balance represents a financial self-commitment to attend their retreat and is payable in two instalments: 50% of the amount is due upon registration with the remaining balance due 2 weeks before arrival.

After filling out the application, those applicants whose answers feel aligned will be invited to a Zoom interview with a member of our circle who will help determine their suitability for a scholarship and identify any next steps.

Additional Financial Support:

Those who do not fit into either group but face pricing inaccessibility are welcome to apply and tell us their story, and are also welcome to reach out to explore a flexible payment plan (Connect with us to make arrangements to separate costs out into smaller payments and adjust due dates).

In the spirit of reciprocity, some scholarship recipients have chosen to give back to the Way of the Circle community after their visit – past recipients have:

  • Become a member of our scholarship committee
  • Written a blog post for the edge sharing their heart story
  • Contributed hours towards a special project or facility care & development at Northern Edge.
  • Other in-spirited ways of giving back that fit their unique gifts.