A co-created album of in-spirited songs & stories from our circle.

As vessels of sound, uniting our hearts and voices, we amplify the Way of the Circle, breathing in the rhythm and pulse of life, sounding and singing the earth. As the Spiral of Life expands within us, we light the harmonious pathways, raising our vibrations, coming home to the remembering of how to weave all voices of Co-Creation.

Wings of Light Circle Band is comprised of various inter-changing members of the Way of the Circle Centre.

Going Deeper…

We invite you to listen with gentleness; for just as in our own journeys – every missed note is as valuable as our harmonious ones.  If you wish to deepen your connection with these songs, the following links lead to stories & lyrics for each track.

Album Cost:  $20

To purchase a copy of Songlines, visit the Edge gift shop or ask a circle member near you!

By the circle, for the circle: All album funds raised go towards our Scholarship Fund, nourishing the health and growth of our circle.

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