Acknowledgement and Release

All guests (and/or their parents/guardians) acknowledge and release Northern Edge Algonquin Inc. from responsibility according to the terms set out below:

Whereas the guest has contracted with Northern Edge for the provision of one or more of the many programs and activities provided by Northern Edge (the “Activity”) and wishes to engage in the activity as a participant;

And Whereas the guest acknowledges that despite the best efforts of Northern Edge to minimize risk, there may be certain risks inherent in said activity which include but are not limited to: natural physical hazards, man made objects, forces of nature, and physical exertion;

And Whereas it is a condition precedent to the participation of the guest in the Activity that the guest follow all directions from time to time provided by Northern Edge to protect all participants;

And Whereas the guest has been provided with a link to this disclaimer which governs the participation in the Activity;

And Whereas the guest acknowledges that medical attention may not be immediately or readily available at sites or locations at which the Activity is completed;

And Whereas each guest has been asked to submit to Northern Edge Algonquin a description of any pre-existing medical condition;

Now therefore in consideration of good and valuable consideration (the receipt sufficiency of which the guest acknowledges receipt by completing registration and/or attending as a guest), each guest agrees as follows:

1. The foregoing recitals are true and correct;

2. The guest will review freqently asked questions and abide by the policies and procedures and any specific directions from Northern Edge staff;

3. The guest has reviewed the Activity selected and consulted with their personal physician where prudent. The guest is confident that the undersigned is physically able to complete the Activity without placing the undersigned or other participants at risk of ill health or physical injury;

4. The guest hereby authorizes and directs Northern Edge, or such representative as may from time to time be designated by Northern Edge Algonquin for said purpose, to secure such medical advice and services as are deemed by Northern Edge Algonquin, in its absolute discretion to be necessary from the health and safety of the undersigned. In the event that the cost of providing such care exceeds the limits of the medical coverage carried by the guest, then the guest acknowledges that the guest shall at all times be responsible for costs associated with the provision of such medical advice and services including but not limited to the cost of emergency evacuation or calling in emergency services where any Northern Edge Algonquin agent deems such evacuation or emergency services to be an appropriate response;

5. The guest, for his or herself, and their respective heirs and assigns, hereby waives, releases, and remises Northern Edge Algonquin, its successors and assigns, of and from all claims, liabilities, actions, damages, or obligations which the undersigned or his or her heirs, representatives, successors and assigns had or may have against Northern Edge Algonquin with respect to the participation of the guest in the Activity;

6. In the event that the guest or any member of the guest’s party fail to follow directions, policies and procedures, or abide by information as described on FAQ, or threaten the physical, emotional, spiritual wellness of, or make unwelcome sexual advances towards any staff member or guest, violate any other rules, laws or regulations enacted by the Government of Canada, Province of Ontario, County or Municipality, Northern Edge Algonquin shall have the right to terminate the participation in the activity of such guests as Northern Edge Algonquin shall deem reasonably necessary, and in such event Northern Edge Algonquin shall retain the unexpired portion of the fees paid by such persons in partial satisfaction of the damages sustained by Northern Edge. Northern Edge Algonquin reserves the right to apply a reasonable financial charge to guests for expenses incurred to restore spaces or equipment that have been damaged by guest negligence or failure to follow directions. Guests further release Northern Edge Algonquin of and from any claims that may arise against Northern Edge Algonquin as a result of said termination.

Photo and Digital Media Policy:

Images and/or recordings from your experience may be captured by Northern Edge Algonquin and or other guests during your visit and posted online. Guests are welcome to use any media captured during their visit for their own non-commercial purpose. Northern Edge Algonquin may post guest and/or team photos, video and or audio on the Internet or in print. Photos and media may appear in Northern Edge Algonquin social media streams automatically without being posted by Northern Edge Algonquin. If you wish your likeness to not be recorded please make your desires known to the entire group prior to recording.

In keeping with widely accepted principles of privacy the Edge will remove photos from social media platforms upon request when guests can be easily identified including: closeups, group photos and any photos where guest facial features are easily identifiable. Photos taken from a distance where individuals cannot be clearly identified or images that do not show a guest’s face are not subject to take down requests. Requests for editing of produced audio/video to remove staff/guest contributions will be made when recordings are conducted without staff/guest prior knowledge. Social media profiles and contributions from staff/guest profiles on Facebook or other social media platforms are the responsibility of the staff/guest who created the content. Facebook privacy is the responsibility of each guest and can be controlled by editing privacy settings or deleting personal accounts. Social media posts by individuals on Northern Edge Algonquin Facebook pages may be edited or deleted by Northern Edge Algonquin when such posts are deemed inappropriate for the community.