What To Bring

Your Retreat Packing List

We’ll be spending time both indoors and out in nature, and we invite you to dress appropriately for the season to stay comfortable, warm, and dry. There’s no dress code and most guests wear their “retreat-casual”.

If you are missing any items please notify your facilitators. We have a few extras of most outdoor gear.

Clothing & Essentials

  • Comfortable activewear for yoga or movement
  • A swimsuit (for sauna year-round and for swimming)
  • 2 towels (for sauna year-round, showering, swimming)
  • “Retreat Casual” clothing – layers are helpful for the variety of seasonal conditions you may experience.
  • Warm socks and warm sweaters for cool evenings/mornings
  • Sturdy footwear suitable for forest trails
  • Earplugs (for those in shared accommodations)
  • A day pack or tote bag for personal items you may want easy access to
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries
  • Personal medications
  • Journal & pen, Camera, or another creative outlet
  • A surprise to share with other guests! (Perhaps a game, activity, instrument/song/poem, or a tasty treat)

Outdoor Gear For Summer Retreats (May To September)

In the summer, be prepared for warm days, cool nights, and potential rainfall. In addition to the above, we encourage bringing:

  • Sun hat and Sunglasses
  • Water shoes or sport sandals
  • Sunscreen & lip balm
  • Rain jacket & boots
  • Insect Repellant: DEET-free and in a non-aerosol container. We recommend natural repellent featuring Lemon Eucalyptus. The best defence against bugs (especially in May/June) is long sleeves and pants, or a mesh bug jacket.

Outdoor Gear For Winter Retreats (January To March)

Extra padding, warm layers, and good winter boots are the secret to staying warm and dry in the cooler months. In addition to the above, we encourage bringing:

  • Wool or fleece sweater for layering
  • Long johns, thermal/fleece/wool under-wear
  • Waterproof outer-layer pants, or ski/snow pants
  • Warm winter coat
  • Winter boots that will keep your feet warm & dry
  • Face and neck protection from the cold
  • Extra socks (wool is best)
  • 2 warm toques
  • 2 pairs of warm gloves or mittens
  • Your skates – we have only limited sizes available.

What Not To Bring

  • We provide equipment and gear for all activities at the Edge: from adventure gear to yoga props, we’ve got you covered. If you prefer to use your personal yoga mat, SUP board, bicycle, etc – you’re welcome to bring it!
  • Your laptop computer or cell phone: There’s no wifi or cellular service here, so these items are better left at home or in the car, unless being used for photos.
  • Hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, irons, or anything that produces heat from electricity can severely damage our solar powered system and are never permitted.
  • Other participants may be sensitive to perfume scents. Consider going “au naturale”
  • Drugs and alcohol. View our policies here.
  • Valuables are best left at home or locked in your vehicle as cabin doors do not have locks.