We are happy to work in partnership with the media to tell memorable stories about Ontario outdoor adventure, transformational leadership, unplugging from technology, nature connection, community development & more.

From feature stories in the NY Times and Yoga Journal to independent travel writers and travel bloggers like Angela Dollar’s Canada’s Eco-Haven, we are happy to put together story opportunities that coincide with our scheduled events, or which align with the mission and vision of our Healing & Transformational Leadership Retreat Centre.  We also do audio and video and have been featured on CBC Radio: The Current & CTV News.

Interested in producing media with the Edge? Drop us a note at [email protected] to tell us a bit about your audience and why you think we’d be a good partner to help tell your story. We have an extensive library of professional high-resolution graphics in our Algonquin Park eco-lodge Flickr Library to help make your story-telling come alive.

Media Features

Newsworthy stories from retreats at the Edge, and other highlights:

Our Writing

Northern Edge founders & facilitators have expertise in experiential tourism, community tourism development, regenerative business practices, transformational team building, off-grid living & personal development.  Many of our team members are writers, and we would be happy to contribute to different publications.

Our co-facilitators and mentors from the Way of the Circle Centre are open to speaking to the benefits and concepts utilized in our signature Heart Foundations retreats including: co-creation, shared leadership, connecting with nature, community connection, and more.

In addition to our blog, we’ve shared our story with a few different publications:

More great mentions

We are pleased to have been highlighted by many outlets as a must-visit destination – and to partner with groups that have co-created retreats and events that also have been featured: