Rebel Soul Yoga Retreat

Transformational Yoga & Outdoor Adventure Retreat

Explore your true self, on this transformational yoga retreat for an opportunity to connect to yourself, engage in meaningful conversations, and dive into your purpose.

Guided by nature & rooted in intention

Fall yoga & meditation retreat

Join Sylvie at her Rebel Soul Fall weekend retreat, where you can escape your daily routine and reconnect with your purpose. Spend time in nature, step out of your comfort zone, connect with like-minded people, and explore your rebellious side!

This retreat will feature guided movement practices, reflective journaling, meditation and breathing exercises, exciting outdoor activities, a creative natural dye workshop, and meaningful conversations. The enriching activities aim to help you connect with yourself and leave you refreshed and revitalized!

yoga and meditation retreat

Sylvie’s playful facilitation & teaching style will provide moments of embodiment, creativity, and rejuvenation.

There will be ample time to relax in Edge’s natural spaces, unwind in the sauna, and gather around the campfire. Each activity will help you let go of what no longer serves you, connect with your body and heart, and align your energy with the fall season.

Courtney at the Edge

Sylvie Lamothe

Sylvie is the owner of Rebel Soul, a yoga studio in Timmins, ON, and is an outgoing, nature-loving event planner, retreat facilitator, and yoga instructor. With 15 years of yoga experience and 7 years of teaching, she specializes in hatha, yin, and outdoor yoga, as well as leading transformative retreats. Trained in Costa Rica and Spain, she focuses on mental health and leadership, constantly honing her skills through conferences and workshops. Her classes and retreats blend playfulness with personal growth, welcoming yogis of all levels to explore their edges in a supportive environment. She looks forward to connecting and growing together!

Courtney at the Edge

Wendy Martin

Wendy is a facilitator of embodiment and movement practices that encompass a wide range, from transformative yoga therapy to vibrant vinyasa flow. But Wendy’s inspiration doesn’t stop there—she has recently tapped into her creative side, exploring artistic expression, natural dye, and pottery.

With her warm and wonderful soul, Wendy continues to delve into her passions, weaving together an eclectic mix of teaching modalities. Join her on a path of self-discovery and embodied movement, while also embracing the beauty of artistic expression.

Deposits & Cancellations

In short: Spaces are limited.  When you book a retreat with us, a non-refundable deposit (50% of your overall balance) reserves your space and allows us to plan accordingly. Remaining balances are due 15 days before arrival.

Deposits protect our group-based experiences by acting as a commitment from our guests. If you need to cancel your visit, the timing of your cancellation will determine the level of flexibility we can offer in rescheduling your visit or holding your deposit as a credit to be used in the future. Please refer to our full deposit and cancellation policy for more information on our policies, timelines, and the commitments we make based on your registration.

Meals & Dietary Needs

Edge guests are well nourished and experience mealtime itself as a program element, with storytelling to introduce the seasonal flavours of the region and the relationships with the folk who grew and raised the ingredients close to home. Cooking at the Edge focuses on balancing globally far-flung tastes with provincially produced foods. Meals are served buffet style and are guests often enjoy lakeside dining outdoors when the weather allows it.

Over the years we have met many diverse dietary needs. Guests are invited to identify their dietary needs & preferences as a part of the registration process, and those with restrictions love the options we provide.

Itinerary & Program Timings

We offer unique, tailored experiences that flow as our facilitators respond to the interests of our guests, seasonal conditions, and special opportunities that may arise.

Each retreat at the Edge features healthy doses of dreamtime, adventure, community, creativity, time spent in nature, and a dash of surprise. Guests always have the choice to take solo or rest time in lieu of planned experiences.

While a detailed itinerary is not available, you can count on and prepare for the activities used to describe the flavour of this retreat. Meals are generally served at 8:30, 12:30, and 6pm. When appropriate, optional early-morning or late-night experiences may be offered.

Arrival Time & Directions

Arrival time is between 2 – 3 pm with programming beginning at 3:30.  We encourage our guests to arrive on time and stay to experience the full retreat, which generally ends after brunch on the final day. Please let us know if you expect to arrive after 3.

You can find us easily on Google or Apple maps, or view detailed directions here.

What to Bring

We’ll be spending time both indoors and out in nature, and we invite you to dress appropriately for the season to stay comfortable, warm, and dry. There’s no dress code and most guests wear their “retreat-casual”.

We encourage guests to bring a surprise to share with others – this might take the form of a game or activity, an instrument/song/poem, or a tasty treat.

Yoga & Outdoor Adventure Retreat

All-Inclusive Pricing from:

$ 1,154 +HST

Book Retreat:

What’s Included

  • Your choice of shared or private cozy cabin accommodation.
  • Indoor & outdoor movement sessions, including restorative yin yoga
  • Outdoor adventures to invigorate the soul
  • Botanical Bounty: Natural Dye Workshop
  • Equipment & materials included*
  • Nourishing, nutritious meals and snacks from Day 1 Dinner to Day 4 Lunch (locally sourced and catered to your dietary needs)
  • Wood-fired sauna, campfires, and more!

What’s Not Included

  • 13% Harmonized Sales Tax
  • Gratuities for the hospitality team, facilitators & guides.
  • Wi-fi access and cellular signal are not available for our unplugged experiences.

Explore Accommodation Options

Canvas Cabin

Canopy Cabin

Our simple, clear-roofed cabins bring participants closer to nature, just a short walk away from main programming spaces and amenities such as showers and flush toilets. Each canopy cabin features a double bed, ideal for solo travellers or couples.

Shared: $1,154 / person

Private: $1,254 / person

Habitat Cabin

Habitat Cabin

Cozy, rustic habitat cabins are located just a short walk away from main programming spaces and amenities such as washrooms and showers. Each offers a loft double bed above 2 single beds, making them ideal for sharing with friends or other participants.

Shared: $1,154 / person

Studio Cabins

Studio Cabin

Comfortable & spacious eco-friendly studio rooms are located just a minute’s walk away from main programming spaces and showers. These feature a small en-suite bathroom with an incinerating toilet. Both a double bed and a single bed make them ideal for couples or friends.

Shared: $1,254 / person

Log Cabin

Log Cabin Bedroom

The luxurious and comfortable log cabin is located a bit further from main programming spaces for optimal rest, and features en-suite bathrooms with showers. Each room’s Queen bed can convert into two twin beds, providing flexibility for solo travellers, couples, or friends.

Shared: $1,434 / person

Private: $1,659 / person


“The beautiful natural setting at the Edge was calming and inspirational giving the participants the opportunity to peacefully settle and rest. Good laughs, outdoor adventures and delicious meals were also a wonderful treat to the weekend together. If you are feeling the call to connect with your inner peace and transformation, as well as nourish your body, mind, heart and soul, give yourself the wonderful gift of participating in a Rebel Soul Retreat.”

Lynne – 2023 Rebel Soul Retreat

“Sylvie’s unique and creative approach to guiding yoga and self-reflection practices has given me the opportunity to truly connect and listen to my body, my mind, my heart and soul.”

Anonymous – 2023 Rebel Soul Retreat

“A Relaxing and fulfilling weekend – went into the retreat with no expectations and was blown away! It is more like staying at a close friends cottage than a retreat with a group of strangers. The instant camaraderie that is shared between participants is remarkable! The food is all locally sourced, nourished the soul and palette.”

Lauren Reinhart

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