The Grand Canyon

Edges are formed by nature. Even rock, the foundation of the earth, yields itself to the forces and pressures that created it.

The earth is not perfectly smooth. As I get on my knees and pull apart the grass I can see the changes in elevation and the grooves and cracks in the earth that are essential for growth. No seed can fall on perfectly flat earth and grow. The cracked landscape of the desert is necessary to the survival of many creatures who seek out pockets of cool water, hide from the suns scorching rays, and evade predators. Even larger cracks, scars and edges draw visitors from all over the world to marvel at their beauty; Niagara Falls, Carlsbad Caverns, the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains. I am willing to admire the potential in these faults, but much less receptive to accept the fractures that want to spring forth new growth in me, the fingerprints which illustrate my personal leadership potential.

Ah to be rigid and unchangeable. Strong… powerful… fearless… Just like everyone wants me to be; so that I will not surprise them with new stories, new directions, new dimensions of growth. I can fill those cracks and pretend to be the perfect leader or I can look at my edges and choose to go down inside to search out my essential being. What riches await as my body, mind and soul continually unfold in new patterns like the ever changing spiral DNA that is everything.

Although the edges look scarred, painful and in need of attention, this is the nature of my leadership journey. These edges are normal. The deepest crevasse can lead to the greatest personal and/or professional development. Many times in my life the most frightening events have lead to the greatest growth, healing and renewal.

Cracks do not just appear on the surface, they are channels that run right to my soul. To cover them up with plaster my make them look fine but he underlying structure or foundation will be weak. Sooner of later the plaster will crumble as crystal seeds of passion try to break out of the prison of my defensive personality. The edge is not about destruction, fear, or judgment. It is about love, healing, forgiveness and growth. Cleaning out the clutter that fills in the cracks and makes me feel whole is necessary spring-cleaning. Sometimes, headaches, illness and addictions like alcohol, food or television mask opportunities to grow. How am I filling them, ignoring them, hiding them, covering my rough edges so that no one can see? How do personal challenges impact my relationship with others?

I can help others who work with me transform their fault lines into opportunities for awareness and growth, but I can only do this when I know the landscape of my own pain, my own struggles, through ruthless self examination. Being an archeologist or spelunker, I carefully explore for hidden treasures. Them I can empower others on my team, as a tour guide, bridge person. As I carefully scrape away the makeup and get to know my true self, I marvel at the naturally carved nuances that make me the unique boundless person I have always wished to become, not knowing or understanding that I am already that spiraling, wonderful piece of continually changing creation manifesting greatness even in my perceived weakness. Through the eyes of the leader within, I am the Grand Canyon.

Just think about it: What personal fault lines do you have in your life? Are you being called to appreciate and use them in a new way?

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