Rockie, the Bake Oven Takes Form

Greg has returned to last autumns bake oven project at the Humble Hearth. The Dry Stone foundation to a large concrete pad will soon be covered with a dome of mash of clay and straw.

Later next week family, friends and staff at the Edge will have a chance to make old-school fire bricks by dancing in the mortar to mash the mortar to the appropriate consistency.

Later, bricks will be formed and laid up against a wood dome form to create the dome. Still later, a chimney and earth roof will cap the entire structure.

Stay tuned for images as the whole thing takes shape!

Thank you to all who helped stomp, kneed, and stack the blocks that have formed Rockie the bake oven.

Greg promises the first firing and production of the first bread on October 1st weekend. If you are lucky enough to be joining us for that weekend’s Fall Colours Wolf Howl Canoe Trip, you’ll likely be the first to sample the baked goods produced by Vicki and Greg and Rockie!

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