Rockie the Bake Oven First Firing

I just returned to the main house after enjoying the first products of Rockie the Bake Oven. After weeks of waiting for the water to evaporate from the clay, with the help of small fires, Greg decided it was time for a test firing, before the big celebration with a party on the 15th of October.

Vicki came through with some awesome pizza fixins and Gerry, Greg, Vicki and Todd stood by as Greg looked after the fire and used a metal peal to move the pizzas about to ensure an even temperature.

A bit of wine amid falling leaves on the last warm day of the year was the perfect setting for this event. The forecast is for highs in the low teens as opposed to the twenties we’ve enjoyed in the near future. The leaves are falling in bunches and litter the ground with a few inches of beautiful colour.

Pictures in reverse order to actual events:
Vicki and Greg get first bites on finished goods
Vicki cuts up the pesto and tomato pizzas
Greg works the fire
Greg rotates the pizza for even baking
Pizzas cooking with the fire in the background

Can you smell it?

We’re looking forward to sharing some bake oven magic with groups visiting this autumn.

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