80-Year-Old Art Retreat Attendee Graduates from University

Greg and Vicki are in Windsor today, celebrating Greg’s father, Jack Water’s graduation from the University of Windsor with an Arts Degree. A few years ago, Jack was visiting with his some Greg (Steward, Cook, Builder at the Edge) while a visiting artist, Kay Douglas was facilitating the Tom Thomson art retreat (an Art Retreat we’ve continued to offer annually each August with featured artist Jill Boschulte). I remember Jack being amazed as Kay let paint run off the end of her brush and Jack smile from ear to ear as he got his first taste of art during this retreat, dragging different colours of watercolour across paper.

Today at age 80, we are delighted to share news that Jack has earned his degree in Art from the University of Windsor. Catch the story in the Windsor Star

There is some kind of artist in each of us, all we need to do is be open to trying new things. To some it may be remarkable that someone like Jack had never been encouraged or found the opportunity to be creative until he experienced an art retreat very late in life, but for many adults learning something new in a public space can be downright scary. Providing a safe place to explore who we are as adults has been the cornerstone of retreat experiences at the Edge for over a decade. Who knows, maybe their is an artist, dreamer, adventurer, story teller in you? How would it look if you discovered a hidden treasure within like Jack did?

Jack, we all take pride and celebrate your success as you graduate from University. Congratulations.

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