Lao Tse Lives in My Computer

We’ve been beset by numerous computer challenges recently including virus attacks and a recent hard drive crash. The regularity of our computer woes is a bit alarming and I seem to be the most affected by these bi-annual meltdowns.

A few years ago when this would happen, I would take the computer to the repair shop and take a few days off to enjoy some time in nature.

At the height of our booking season, its not too feasible to have everyone take a few days off until things are working again, so perhaps we are to focus our attention in other areas.

One time a technician working on the problem reported to me, “Your computer is toast, do you have it backed up?” Of course I’ve learned and we have copies of copies of most of our work, data, etc. But the thing I remember is what I wrote on the paper in my dismay at having lost everything,

” Computer is taoist.” (toast spelled improperly)

I giggled to myself at that freudian slip of sorts. I thought it quite a coincidence that my CPU (short for central processing unit) was very close to the toaist spelling of P’u, the basic Taoism principle that states: “all things are beautiful in their own right”

According to Lao-tse, the father of Taoism (pronounced dowism), the world is full of lessons and everything has its own nature which cannot be violated without causing trouble. I know that without computers functioning, deadlines are missed and client needs are not met. What do I have to learn from what is going on around me?

Wu-Wei might be a better operating system than Windows XP. Don’t force things to happen. Go with the flow, and work with what you’ve got.

Since my computers are not functioning, I ask myself, “How can I transform this situation so that it has a benefit?” I can spend extra time with my kids or give attention to important people in my life or find time to wander about in nature (or on a golf course!) not feeling negligent about what I’m supposed to be doing, because I cannot do it.

Have you noticed how some people can actually cause computers to function improperly? I’ve noticed that the attitude and energy of the person working at the computer has quite a bit to do with how well the machine functions.

Just ask yourself: Do you have other things in your world that respond to you in a reflective way based on your sense of balance and harmony? What are they trying to say to you?

I think about how much our lives have changed in the past twenty years. Now a powerful Taoist guru is silently teaching me the ability to enjoy the simple and the quiet.

Just do it: Spend a few minutes reflecting on what is going on around you. What is the world reaching out and trying to say to you.

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