Where does your spark come from?

Every day presents a new opportunity to rise and make a difference for your community.  But sometimes we need a little spark to start the fire.

Where does your spark come from?

Step Outside

Today, mine came when I strapped on my skis and headed out into winter under a bright blue sky.  It was a breathtaking 30 minutes where I let go of all the worries, deadlines, projects, and people in my life and took time for myself.  Regardless of the excitement I feel when I browse the Web, read blog posts, attend conferences or make presentations I connect more authentically to the people and projects in my life when take time to unplug and reconnect by listening to that quiet voice inside.  When I put myself first, I have more patience and the ability to let go of my ego and take the time to pay attention and truly listen to others.  For me, that comes when I step outside and explore the world around me.

It can be a challenge to break old habits and and take the time for yourself.  It may be perceived by others as putting your needs in front of others out of self-interest.  But in fact, if you can break through the inertia of procrastination and commit to giving yourself the time others may notice that you are much more present, peaceful and in touch with your humanity.

Engage with others

Another thing that inspires me is conversation.  Real conversation.  I often read twitter posts and stories by others, and write my own, but my absolute favourite thing is one-on-one conversations by telephone, (skype) or in person about things you and I are interested in.   Comments on blog posts are nice, but meeting people who are passionate about what they do and bouncing ideas off one another is left me truly inspired.  Indeed conversational relationships with people sharing ideas (without a focus on outcome) has led to the most inspiring long term relationships and the most inspiring projects I’ve ever been involved in.

It’s your turn

  • What are you going to do today for yourself?  Stop procrastinating and take time to tend to yourself every day, not just on holidays or vacations.  Do something you love.  What are you passionate about?
  • Make an unexpected phone call.  Ask someone you follow on Twitter to have a chat or invite a Facebook or LinkedIn friend for a conversation.

Keep the fire burning.

Special thanks to my twitterati for contributing their ideas for today’s blog post in one word.  Heck, why don’t you invite one of them for a conversation?

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