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One for all and all for one!

We’re very excited to unveil our new website, the home of everything Edgy!

Since 1995, Northern Edge Algonquin has offered experiences for many different types of guests on a number of websites. Over the past few months the team has been working to bring everything into one location. The new site is highly visual with large photos and it is responsive to the type of device you are using; the site looks great on your phone tablet or computer. Central to the new design is the live chat feature and simple online booking.

At, you’ll find links to private experiences for all kinds of groups as well as every scheduled event happening at Northern Edge Algonquin.

What’s Behind the new logo?

Edge logo

New Brand Elements
Over the years co-founder Todd Lucier has not only designed the websites, he also designed many of the branding elements we use to describe Edge experiences. In spring of 2015 we took the opportunity to redesign our logo and renew our website using the professional expertise of our good friends at Spotvin Craft Creative andSofa Communications who helped bring our vision to life. Thanks Shane and Serge!

Here’s a brief rundown on the graphic design elements of our new branding imagery:
Logo features the Amable du Fond River and black spruce trees – gateway to Algonquin Park. The sun or moonrise in the east is representative of new beginnings and rediscovery. The star highlights our aspiration for guest empowerment. The graphic is surrounded by an eight-pointed compass in the octagonal shape that is represented in many buildings and icons at the Edge, connecting us to the four directions.

Six Elements

When thinking of the many types of experiences we provide at the Edge we started by considering the elements. Four elements of western culture were believed to be essential to life: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER. To this, Aristotle added a fifth element he called ETHER, that represented what was perceived to be an incorruptible / unchanging element of the stars. Taoism has five elements, each one superior to the next in turn: wood, earth, water, fire, and metal. Buddhism refers to six elements: Earth, Water, Air (Wind), Fire, Space (Ether) and Consciousness (Mind).

Experiences at Northern Edge Algonquin are now presented in six new areas of the website. In print, they are represented by six new icons.

water colour

Water – Active Adventure: Overnight Canoe Trips in Algonquin Park are for those who are willing to be more physically active and travel a little further to discover special places in Algonquin Park.
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earth colour

Tree – Explore with Comfort experiences are for those who want to try something new during the day, learn about nature and wildlife of Algonquin Park, dine on memorable meals prepared by chef Gregor and stay comfortably in a private cabin when the day is done.
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air colour

Butterfly – Restore Vitality. Yoga retreats at the Edge can be transformational life experiences. Rejuvenators coming to Algonquin Park rediscover & awaken to the spirit of life. These guests seek a tranquil escape with learning and discovery to recharge and re-inspire.
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ether colour

Spiral – Dreamtime: Life Enhancing Retreats are designed for those seeking a life shift. Shamanism programs and co-produced retreats with partners at our Algonquin Park home provide time, space and learning experiences help guests seek wisdom from within for empowerment and healing. Looking for inspiration? These experiences are for you.
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sprout colour

Earth – Local Living connects our guests to regional people who grow our food and provide memorable dining experiences from things produced right here at Algonquin Park. Local musicians, holistic therapy practitioners and people who live and work in the forest with us deliver memorable experiences.
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fire colour

Fire – Unplug’d Ignite Programs at Algonquin Park. Putting their energies towards collaboration and accomplishing big goals, corporate teams, community organizations, schools and others unplug, recharge and rededicate themselves to projects that matter.
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