Top 5 Women’s Retreat Ideas for your next getaway

Women’s friendships are really special and it’s important to invest in sharing time together, especially as life moves forward and things get busy. One great way of maintaining these friendships is coming together for regular retreats. That’s why we wanted to share our top 5 women’s retreat ideas for your next girlfriend getaway!

1. Women’s Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreats are one of the most popular women’s retreat ideas for good reason. These retreats aren’t usually all about yoga – it’s just one of many activities you’ll be able to enjoy together. The real secret is the “yoga and“. Try on “Yoga and Stand-Up Paddleboarding“, one of our signature retreats, or “Yoga and Horse-back riding”, “Yoga and surf”, “Yoga and cooking.” Yoga is very flexible. (Get it?)

If you’ve got a group of 8, 10, 12 women, you can easily find a location, facilitator, and caterer to bring a private retreat to life – or, you can contact a retreat centre like Northern Edge who can bring all these elements together for you at a simple per-person rate.

If you’re flying solo and looking to bond with new female friendships, or if you’ve got a smaller number of girlfriends who love yoga, you can sign up for a number of scheduled women’s yoga retreats all over the world!

Who it’s for: Health & wellness fans, those looking to share laughs & invest in self-growth.

Try it out: Quest for Balance (our signature stand-up paddle boarding & yoga retreat), available on select dates for individuals or custom dates for groups of 10+

2. Girl’s Spa Getaway

Another of our favourite women’s retreat ideas that has been growing in popularity is the spa getaway. This is perfect for women who appreciate feeling pampered and love a good massage followed by a soak in the hot tub.

For a women’s spa getaway, your best bet is to find a spa you like and book accommodation nearby. This type of trip is paired perfectly with a taste of local restaurants and shopping opportunities.

Who it’s for: Relaxers, those who appreciate the finer things.

Try it out: The Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain is a really popular spa getaway destination. While there’s no hot tub here at the Edge, participants of retreats at Northern Edge Algonquin often treat themselves to Reflexology by Vicki Waters and spending time in our luxurious wood-fired sauna.

two girls in studio cabin at northern edge algonquin+women's retreat ideas

3. Women’s Circles

In many communities, women come together regularly to do ceremony, have sharing circles, drumming circles, and support each other on life’s journey. A private women’s retreat getaway for your sacred circle might be a great idea to focus this time together in a sacred way.

This women’s retreat idea can be easily hosted in someone’s home, with a shared potluck – or you can visit a centre who can take care of the details and even offer facilitated sessions.

Who it’s for: Women who want to come together regularly for sharing circles and ceremony.

Try it out: Looking to join a heart-centered circle community? The Heart Foundations retreats with the Way of the Circle Centre might be right for you. These retreats aren’t women-only, but they are perfect for those looking to form heart-based circular community.

4. Women’s Adventures & Nature Retreats

Perhaps your idea of a women’s retreat is a nature-based experience. From camping trips & expeditions to nature retreats featuring all the benefits of camping without sleeping on the ground, there are many options to explore nature and get outside with the girls.

A nature retreat or adventure lodge might be the place for you to connect with nature, enjoy outdoor activity, but sleep in a comfortable bed and be nourished with full-service meals.

Who it’s for: Women who want to enjoy nature, fans of camping & adventure.

Try it out: Individuals looking to join a nature-based adventure with a wonderful group of women will want to check out our partner Wild Women Expeditions. For custom groups, Up North: Algonquin Explorer is a nature retreat featuring canoeing, campfires, sauna, stargazing, fantastic meals, and eco-luxury accommodation. Available for groups of 8+.

5. Girlboss Summits & Leadership Retreats

This is one of the best women’s retreat ideas – especially those ready to empower themselves. Perhaps it’s time to bring the women from work together to let your hair down, or maybe you are part of a group of women entrepreneurs looking to have conversations that matter.

Corporate retreats can serve this purpose really well – you can even bring in speakers and facilitators to co-create a learning experience that will empower everyone equally.

Who it’s for: Leaders, women in the workplace, and entrepreneurs

Try it out: There is a huge variety of corporate retreats out there. All-inclusive corporate retreats in Ontario are our specialty.

That’s it for our recommendations on women’s retreat ideas. Let us know if you have any questions about planning the perfect girl’s retreat!

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