How to market your yoga retreat

You’re here, you did it – you have planned an amazing retreat. You’ve picked a theme and intention, you’re excited about the beautiful location you’ve locked in, the programming you’ve lined up and all of the amazing energy you will feel once you’re there. But, there is one more, big piece to consider – marketing your yoga retreat.

You can put all the hard work into planning a retreat that you want, but without spreading the word in the right way to the right audience, you could end up disappointed, at a financial loss, or both. But, there is a group of individuals out there who are waiting for just this opportunity to fall into their laps, to call to them – you just have to put the call out widely enough, and in a way that it speaks to the right people.

While figuring out how to market your yoga retreat can seem overwhelming, we have come up with a few suggestions on how to make it a less daunting task.

1.     Have a clear vision for your retreat and convey that in your marketing:

Imagine who you created this experience for, what you want them to get out of it, and why you wanted to do this in the first place. What is the theme or intention of the retreat? What is extra special about the location, the physical space where you will come together? Why do you think this will be a worthwhile experience for attendees? Use your way to convey that in clear, concise messaging as you formulate your retreat descriptions.   

2.    Give yourself enough time to build momentum and excitement:

We recommend kicking off marketing and promotions about eight weeks before your scheduled retreat. This way you can balance sales pitches and posts with helpful information using social media, e-news campaigns and blog posts. We recommend planning roughly two social media posts per week and either weekly or bi-weekly e-news reminders to highlight different aspects of your retreat.

3.     Reach out to your existing yoga community:

If you are an established yoga instructor or studio owner, then you already have a community of individuals who believe in what you do and the value of the services you offer. Have posters and information packages easily visible at the studio. Encourage students to get on your social media channels and e-news lists if they aren’t already. Make regular announcements, or even plan a free class where there will be discounts for those who sign up that day or by the end of the week.

4.     If you are hoping to recruit attendees from outside of your existing community, consider using online platforms:

A great way to showcase your retreat to potential customers who you have no previous relationship with is through online platforms like,, or We can help you create a listing.

Marketing or planning a retreat doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Now is the time to get excited and get the message out about the amazing experience ahead. All it takes is a little bit more planning and strategizing in the right way. 

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