How a personal inspiration can help you manifest an extraordinary life

woman journaling personal inspiration

Here at Northern Edge Algonquin, we are pretty passionate about the concept of crafting personal inspiration statements. While it is something we often create for meetings, retreats and excursions, it can also be a very powerful personal guiding force to add to your self development toolbox.

But what exactly IS an inspiration?

A personal inspiration is kind of like a mission statement for your own life which can help to offer focus and guidance in manifesting one’s extraordinary life.

So, what is an intention? Is that the same?

Words have a power to them. From our perspective, an inspiration is fluid, and ever changing based on your own personal changing circumstances, thoughts, feelings and emotions. It shifts and evolves, whereas an intention is more linear and goal oriented.

An intention, depending on the perspective, could attach an individual’s mind to a fixed and detailed plan, agenda, and outcome, while feeding their expectations. This might result in a feeling of overwhelming anxiety, stress, and a sense of being trapped, forced or rushed into accomplishing something.

We find using the term “inspiration” can help open us up to limitless possibilities.

Guidelines for crafting a personal inspiration

It takes patience, trust and deep inner listening to weave together an inspiration. Even though the mind may want to forge ahead and dismiss the value and importance of creating an inspiration, it is through an inspiration that our greatest needs are most efficiently met and our greatest abilities are fostered.

  1. Notice what common threads of insights or questions are surfacing and being repeated within you. These will help you to better understand your personal needs, as well as offering clues and ideas of engagement pieces such as a reflection question, activity, or ceremony that helps put the inspiration into motion. 
  2. Write an inspiration into a simple sentence or two, worded in the present tense that identifies the needs and the gifts and abilities to fulfill these needs in affirmative language.  
  3. After the inspiration has been created, trust that all will align and fall into place as needed thereafter. 
  4. If any confusion, doubt, heaviness, or overwhelm arises, return to the inspiration to refocus.
  5. Check in with the inspiration regularly. Might it need to shift or evolve?

What other kind of inspirations can I create?

The sky is the limit! You might create an inspiration for an upcoming meeting, a date, a social media account, a retreat, or even for your home.

Think you might try it out for yourself?

We would love to hear your personal inspirations! If you are open to sharing on social media, tag us @northernedgealgonquin !

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