The Call to Evolve

Have you been hearing the subtle steady noise of the whispers within, preparing you to evolve?

The past year has felt for many like being held in a cocoon. We sought a sanctuary from the changing and uncertain environment around us. At the same time, we longed for the freedom to spread our wings and fly. The cocoon has been a place for gathering insights and building strength for when the time was right to break out and fly.

Time is of the essence and the moment for awakening is here.

Although the cocoon may seem like a stagnant place it has a powerful role in facilitating the death of who we have been. It is where we must surrender to all that is, disintegrate away from what we have known, unfold, and return to our essence. It is the precursor to transformation. It sets us up to awaken more powerfully and clearly than before.

While in the cocoon you may have realized that the important things in life are different from the most important things many people pay attention to. You may have had a journey of discovery that stirred something in you that has to be shared with the world – perhaps through your passions or life experiences. You may have understood the need for ecosystem thinking based on a balance between resources and sustainability – where the collective works together as one; transitioning from ‘me to we’. Your value of community, contribution, and co-creation may have deepened. You may have heard whispers within of a new way forward or the sound of your voice longing to come forward in active participation – this is the call to evolve.

To transition from wisdom keeper to wisdom sharer you must have the courage to leave the cocoon; to be put back together again with your new insights, to be empowered in your true colours and self-expression, and to contribute your gifts to bring about change.

The butterfly is the story of moving through stages of change, into freedom and expansion, and ultimately to self-actualization. It is a story of the most beautiful evolution – one that you may be ready to experience for yourself.

But how do you do this? By accessing your leader within.

Evolution comes through finding and building personal tools of transformation, coming to know and shift your growing edges, facing your fears, being curious about outdated belief systems, holding space to change from the inside out, strengthening your intuition and the wisdom within your heart. The deeper you go within your own personal healing and exploration, the more you grow in your leadership ability. The more you grow in your leadership ability, the better you are able to guide and support others through their personal metamorphosis.

The collective evolution begins with your personal evolution.

It is from this embodied transformation where you will begin to see the butterfly effect – positive, non-linear impacts and quantum leaps as you access leadership from your heart’s gifts. When you tune your antenna for deep listening and tap into what already exists within you, it may ripple out into the world with intention and impact.

What might it be like to lead as the butterfly, with a higher perspective, a new way of being, renewed purpose, and the courage to soar?

Are you hearing the call to evolve? Spread your wings at Evolve: The Art of Transformational Leadership & Facilitation, a 4-day retreat. Supported by a community of allies, you’ll explore deepening personal and collective transformative leadership in the pursuit of your meaningful work.

This values-based retreat is a container for connection, co-creation, shared insights, contribution, and integration of learning and growth. You’ll experience the strength to leave the cocoon, shifting from wisdom keeper to wisdom sharer, bringing forward your heart’s innate gifts.


This piece came to be out of co-creation; written by Courtney Sinclair with insights from Martha Lucier, Todd Lucier, and Trae Robinson.

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