The Habit Reset

Immersive Habits Workshop
& Wellness Retreat

The Habit Reset

Immersive Habits Workshop
& Wellness Retreat

The Habit Reset

Immersive Habits Workshop
& Wellness Retreat

The Habit Reset

Immersive Habits Workshop
& Wellness Retreat

Are you ready to reprogram your habits and gain the clarity and control that comes with the power of habits? Join us for the Habit Reset, a wellness retreat designed to help you develop the skills and strategies to form good habits and break the bad ones.

Just imagine . . .

Powerful habits

Surrounded by nature on the edge of Algonquin Park, we’ll work together to reset the way we think about habits and how they affect our lives. Through a combination of workshops, group activities, and one-on-one guidance, you’ll gain the tools needed to form healthy new habits that will stay with you long after the retreat has ended.

Our passionate team will guide you through the process of resetting your habits, from the basics of the habit loop to the development of strong daily routines. With workshops inspired by experts such as B.J. Fogg, Charles Duhigg, James Clear and Marie Kondo, you’ll be immersed in a program filled with practical ways to cultivate healthy habits and unlock personal growth opportunities. We’ll explore why we do what we do, how we can change our behaviour, wellness routines, de-cluttering, digital wellness and more.

Actionable goals
Yoga practice

We invite you to unplug for four days as this off-grid workshop takes you away from day-to-day distractions so you can focus on YOU. Come reset outdoors, in a supportive community at our remote retreat centre. Whether your goals have to do with health & wellness, balance, career, or joy – this is your opportunity to dream big, create patterns, environments, and habits that will help you to achieve those dreams, and be accountable to yourself.

Our goal is simple yet powerful – send you home feeling motivated and empowered with a fresh perspective on life – complete with your own toolkit full of daily practices at the ready! By taking a moment to assess your emotional state and how it relates to current habits, you can start the process of breaking a habit or creating new ones. This will give you the opportunity to take steps towards building new routines that are in line with your core values and life goals as well!

Paddleboarding Algonquin Park

Tim carrying a Canoe

Tim Lucier

Operations Director, Retreat Facilitator

The son of Northern Edge Algonquin co-founders Todd and Martha, Tim aims to help everything at the Edge to run simply & efficiently. As a facilitator, Tim is passionate about creating simple habits to pursue big dreams, and embodying balanced, joyful living. He enjoys a diverse range of movement practices including hand balancing and aerial yoga. When not living and working at the Edge, Tim can be found traveling & performing.

Alex Savatti paddling

Alex Savatti

Engagement Coordinator, Retreat Facilitator

Alex is a true storyteller with a deep love for people and the outdoors. Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Alex dedicates his time to building his business, Tripshed, building canoes, and building community. A wilderness guide, guiding teacher, and transformative coach, Alex appreciates the capacity of intention and nature to create moments that leave people changed.

Courtney at the Edge

Courtney Sinclair

Leadership Coordinator, Retreat Facilitator

Over a decade ago Courtney came to Northern Edge and connected with an inner knowing that she had never felt before. It led her to become a Paddle Canada SUP Instructor/Trainer, international paddling expedition guide, as well as a 200hr yoga instructor and experienced facilitator. She finds fulfillment in helping guests to move through challenges in nature and supports adventures of personal growth and moments of awe + beauty. Court acts as our Leadership Coordinator to support our growing community of leaders in reaching our potential together through training, connection, and co-creation of transformational retreat experiences.

Deposits & Cancellations

In short: Spaces are limited.  When you book a retreat with us, a non-refundable deposit (50% of your overall balance) reserves your space and allows us to plan accordingly. Remaining balances are due 15 days before arrival.

Deposits protect our group-based experiences by acting as a commitment from our guests. If you need to cancel your visit, the timing of your cancellation will determine the level of flexibility we can offer in rescheduling your visit or holding your deposit as a credit to be used in the future. Please refer to our full deposit and cancellation policy for more information on our policies, timelines, and the commitments we make based on your registration.

Meals & Dietary Needs

Edge guests are well nourished and experience mealtime itself as a program element, with storytelling to introduce the seasonal flavours of the region and the relationships with the folk who grew and raised the ingredients close to home. Cooking at the Edge focuses on balancing globally far-flung tastes with provincially produced foods. Meals are served buffet style and are guests often enjoy lakeside dining outdoors when the weather allows it.

Over the years we have met many diverse dietary needs. Guests are invited to identify their dietary needs & preferences as a part of the registration process, and those with restrictions love the options we provide.

Itinerary & Program Timings

We offer unique, tailored experiences that flow as our facilitators respond to the interests of our guests, seasonal conditions, and special opportunities that may arise.

Each retreat at the Edge features healthy doses of dreamtime, adventure, community, creativity, time spent in nature, and a dash of surprise. Guests always have the choice to take solo or rest time in lieu of planned experiences.

While a detailed itinerary is not available, you can count on and prepare for the activities used to describe the flavour of this retreat. Meals are generally served at 8:30, 12:30, and 6pm. When appropriate, optional early-morning or late-night experiences may be offered.

Arrival Time & Directions

Arrival time is between 2 – 3 pm with programming beginning at 3:30.  We encourage our guests to arrive on time and stay to experience the full retreat, which generally ends after brunch on the final day. Please let us know if you expect to arrive after 3.

You can find us easily on Google or Apple maps, or view detailed directions here.

What to Bring

We’ll be spending time both indoors and out in nature, and we invite you to dress appropriately for the season to stay comfortable, warm, and dry. There’s no dress code and most guests wear their “retreat-casual”.

We encourage guests to bring a surprise to share with others – this might take the form of a game or activity, an instrument/song/poem, or a tasty treat.

Reset Your Habits

All-Inclusive Pricing from

$ 1,234 +HST

Sept 26 – 29, 2024

Custom Dates Available for groups of 10+

What’s Included

  • Your choice of shared or private cozy cabin accommodation.
  • Transformational Habit Reset & Wellness Program led by Passionate facilitators
  • Equipment & materials included*
  • Nourishing, nutritious meals and snacks from Day 1 Dinner to Day 4 Lunch (locally sourced and catered to your dietary needs)
  • 4 bi-weekly follow-up Zoom calls to build accountability while joining a private, online community of support with other Habit Reset attendees.

What’s Not Included

  • 13% Harmonized Sales Tax
  • Gratuities for the hospitality team, facilitators & guides.
  • Wi-fi access and cellular signal are not available for this unplugged experience.

During this 4-day, 3-night habit workshop & wellness retreat, you will;

  • Learn how to build simple habits to reach your personal goals including how to recognize and shift habits that are not serving us, create an environment that will support your goals, and deep-dive into how to make the habit cycle work for you.
  • Experience resiliency practices to help you anchor into the life you want to live through yoga and meditation, mindfulness, goal setting, and other diverse practices.
  • Enjoy nourishing meals designed to reset our food patterns, while engaging in a community discussion on nutrition and sharing supportive practices in mindful and intuitive eating.
  • Explore seasonal physical activities surrounded by nature such as hiking, cycling, paddling, and explore mobility at any age or level. (In the winter, explore skiing, snowshoeing, or skating.)
  • Identify your core values and begin to create a plan to live by them. 
  • Learn how you can shift your mindset by communicating with yourself through the positive, powerful use of affirmations.
  • Ask “what brings me joy?” to strengthen your intuition and become more confident in making decisions.
  • Dare to dream, engaging with gratitude and ceremony to release old patterns and step into what is next.
  • Create SMART, actionable goals to begin the journey, and anchor ourselves by committing to them.

Are you Ready to make some long-lasting wellness changes in your life?

Join the Habit Reset & Wellness Retreat to get started.

Time, energy, care, and attention to ourselves is the most important investment we will ever make as our mind and body is our principal asset. We can create abundant lives, full of richness in energy, health, happiness, resiliency, and joy through the implementation of core habits. Compounding healthy habits we act in the interest of our best selves, seeing a return on our investment in all areas of our lives, expanding our potential for “Wellth”

Explore Accommodation Options

Habitat Cabin Room

Canopy Cabin

Simple, clear-roofed cabins bring participants closer to nature, just a short walk away from main programming spaces and amenities such as showers and flush toilets. Each canopy cabin features a double bed, ideal for solo travellers or couples.

Shared: $1234 / person

Private: $1334 / person

cabin in algonquin park

Habitat Cabin

Cozy, rustic habitat cabins are located just a short walk away from main programming spaces and amenities such as washrooms and showers. Each offers a loft double bed above 2 single beds, making them ideal for sharing with friends or other participants.

Shared: $1234 / person

Private: Unavailable

Studio Cabin accommodations Algonquin Park

Studio Cabin

Comfortable & spacious eco-friendly studio rooms are located just a minute’s walk away from main programming spaces and showers. These feature a small en-suite bathroom with an incinerating toilet. Both a double bed and a single bed make them ideal for couples or friends.

Shared: $1334 / person

Private: $1534 / person

Studio Cabin Accommodations Algonquin Park

Log Cabin Bedroom

The luxurious and comfortable log cabin is located a bit further from main programming spaces for optimal rest, and features en-suite bathrooms with showers. Each room’s Queen bed can convert into two twin beds, providing flexibility for solo travellers, couples, or friends.

Shared: $1534 / person

Private: $1754 / person


This retreat was so special. It was a reset and renew for habits that I didn’t even know weren’t serving me. I walked away feeling recharged as well as super sad that the retreat was ending because I loved it so much! I would recommend this retreat to anyone. I look forward to attending again!

Natalie Sebastian

“Thank you for a truly transformative weekend! Wonderful accommodations, spectacular scenery, and delicious meals! I met new people from all over Ontario and we shared stories and supported each other through the journey of resetting our habits, which will lead us towards self-love and positivity.”

Melanie MacKinnon

“I gave myself the gift of the habit reset and it has given me more than I expected. I was given a chance to rejuvenate, recharge and reset. From tiny yoga on the dock to walks in the forest before breakfast, to workshops and well balanced group activities and time alone, all helped me to rediscover my core values. When you surround yourself with beauty and peace, you can reset tiny habits to find and create beauty and peace. Thank you for this amazing experience!”

Kelly-Ann Perras

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