Taking Time

Great Teams take time for the important things. Great Leaders take time for the important things. The key is determining which are the important things and which are not. Then making the decision to do what is best for ourself, our families, our teams.

A few years ago, my brother reminded me that you only get 80 chances in a lifetime to appreciate the Fall Colours. That of course assumes a lot. But even if its a few more or less, the point is you only get a limited amount of time to enjoy the world around us and the special people in our lives.

Taking time out to feel alive whether its an autumn walk with friends or family, or a round of golf on a sunny day, or even time alone just breathing in the fresh air and natural beauty of some natural location is what contributes to the wellness of many people.

Each day, we can decide that the urgent and sometimes important things in our lives need to take a backseat to personal wellness.

Choosing to go to bed early to rise and breath in a freshly brewed coffee while the sun rises is available to me. It’s also a choice to turn on the TV or radio to keep my mind busy. Sometimes letting the quiet seep into my bones is all I really need to perform at my best on the job. When I take the time to rejuvenate myself, I get more done in less time with less energy and less stress.

Often, Nature is what recharges my batteries. What recharges yours?
Just think about it: What natural space can you escape to?
Just do it: Plan 15 minutes in your day tomorrow to enjoy some time in nature or with someone you love. Don’t commit to anything except engaging with a special someone or some place.

When doing one of the above, don’t be connected to outcome, just experience making a deep connection without expectation of anything special. Incidentally, try connecting with a person or place you may have avoided for a long time. Such an act may yield some interesting rewards.

Return to work and check in to see if it makes a difference in your day. You may find yourself giving permission to yourself and others to take time out to ensure a healthier, happier, more productive staff.

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