Martha and Todd lucier travel to Greenland to join indigenous elders in ceremony fulfilling ancient prophecy

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland – On July 17 2009, people from around the world will be gathering for three days at the top of the world to fulfill an ancient prophecy. The Ancient Ones said that One Day, when the World needs it most, the Sacred Fire will come Home to the People on the Top of the World. This is the prophecy handed down over thousands of generations in Kalallit Nunnat. Now the climate is changing and the trees are standing again. The time has come for the Sacred Fires to be kindled with wood from Mother Earth on Greenland, a prophecy that has been fortold for 20 000 years.

Angaangaq, Kalaallit Elder hosting this event said, “This gathering will unite people from around the world and give Elders a unique opportunity to share their teachings and address the spiritual significance of the Melting of the Big Ice.”

At a time when the world governments are planning for the upcoming Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December, this event serves to:

  • Raise awareness of the dramatic escalation of the melting icecap in Greenland in recent years and its implications for the world.
  • Bring together forward-thinking minds and respected indigenous leaders to examine the impact of the melting of the Big Ice.
  • Add the voices, ancient knowledge and teachings of the people who have lived on the ice for thousands of years to recent scientific findings.
  • Preserve the ancient teachings and the knowledge of the Elders for coming generations.

The Sacred Fire Ceremony is a three-day cross-cultural gathering of deliberation, ceremony, and celebration addressing the welfare of the world.

Ashes from fires that have been burning for up to 10 000 years, fires from the Americas, fires from Buddhist Temples, Celtic fires, fires from the heart of Africa are being sent to Greenland to be used as the foundation for the Sacred Fire at the top of the world. These ashes contain the prayers of our ancestors, the prayers of the Four Directions, our prayers, the prayers of humankind.

On July 18 the Ancient Voices Council will meet, sharing prophecies and stories about Mother Earth, discussing issues about climate change. The ceremony on July 19 symbolizes the spiritual significance of climate change, expressing the unity of the Sacred Fire coming home and the Melting of the Big Ice. As the trees stand tall again in Greenland, the ice is melting. What does it all mean for people all over the world?

During the three days of ceremony Sacred Fires from around the world will being sparked connecting to each other and to the Sacred Fire at the Top of the World creating a global circle of Fire.

Todd Lucier reported on the G20 Summit in London this past April on his blog and interviewed Angaangaq about the Fire Ceremony in Greenland.

For more information about the Sacred Fire Ceremony, visit:

The easiest ice to be melted is the ice on the ground, the hardest ice to be melted is the one in the heart of man.’ The teachings of the ice help us all to recognize our common humanity and gain a new perspective from the melting of the Big Ice.

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  1. Hi there, my husband and I participated with you in the Melting Ice
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    Unfortunately, it is difficult to use, and to see where fires are.
    Could you tell me what the program you used on your fire website?
    Would much appreciate. It weas suggested to me to contact you by Willem Wittstamm, Kinlen

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