Who Completes You?

It’s an oft-repeated phrase among my collaborators in a long running Edge of The Wedge Tourism Training Program offered in Newfoundland and Labrador:

“Do what you do best and partner for the rest.”

In thinking about meeting the needs of our ideal guest sometimes we need to put away our preconceptions about our own business and think clearly about who our ideal guest is and what would make their experience over-the-top amazing.


Take some dream time and give all of your attention to the needs of your guest. Or as Nancy often suggests, take some time and book a stay at your property, go out for dinner at your restaurant, purchase a ticket at your attraction….. take it all in as a GUEST.

Then ask yourself: What would make this experience better?

There may be some adjustments you decide to make to your CRM process, your services or products, decor, after-stay care, or any number of things.

But you may be able to do even more if you open yourself to fulfilling a much bolder promise to deliver an over-the-top amazing guest experience by thinking beyond your current offerings.

Scan your community:

Think about the people, places and experiences that others in your community offer and consider how one or more of them could contribute to your offering. Go out for coffee, sit down and talk with people in your community about your hopes, dreams and desires and see if there is a way to collaborate to deliver an over-the-top amazing experience for your ideal guest that makes use of under-utilized people, places and experiences in your community.

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