Window To The Future

Post by Doug Mannen, Way of the Circle Co-Facilitator

I had a wonderful experience today; I had just decided to sit and read close by the front windows of my home.I had planned on sitting elsewhere, but following a whim, I was compelled to move. Within seconds I heard a “thump”; I knew a bird had hit one of the windows behind me. When I went outside, sure enough, there lay a male Junco. He was lying on his back and not moving so I gently picked him up. He fluttered a bit and opened his eyes, although I could tell he was in great distress. I sat down on the ground and held him for at least 15 minutes, sending him love and energy. I talked to him the entire time, having trust that all would be well, yet harbouring some doubt as well. My misgivings  would prove  me wrong!

Finally he seemed OK to put on the ground, but as soon as I did that his wee head started to droop grasswards, so I held him again, letting the warmth from my hands soak into him. I eventually tried again to allow him to fly ; this time he sat on my hand; his  birdie toe nails wrapped tightly around my fingers. There was no way he was letting go; I even tried to get him to move, but no way! The wind was blowing and every so often he would put out a wing to balance himself, so  I felt nothing  was broken there, but he just was not right yet, so I brought him inside, put some soft tissue under him, placed him in a covered box and left him be for almost an hour, as  close to the outside as I could, while keeping him in a place I could help if need be.

When I finally removed the cover, he looked at me so deeply, chirped a wee sound and flew to the screen door; when I opened the door he flew out and followed another Junco who was sitting in the tree right close. I know the second one was waiting and I know the injured one knew the other was out there. I believe that a strong connection was felt between them and I was helped to understand that. Why had I placed the box so close to the bird’s  outside home in the first place? I felt, again on a whim, that the placement of his recovery zone was important. Well, that is what I believed and I was not about to question my intuition!

Sometimes we just have to  trust in what we feel, even if it is moving to a different room. We never know what will happen when confronted by unexpected events; we can only follow our hearts, our whims, our intuitions, By me not doing so, a life, no less important than my own, may have been lost . By following my inner guide, I helped another Spirit continue on. It was not the fault of Junco, that a window was in its way, but I sure am happy that I was there, on the other side of the glass, so I could eventually help it continue its path. Who knows what wonderful experiences await him, what other lives he will touch?

Some questions I am left with are ,one, whose experience was this? Both of ours  of course, now that I have had time to reflect. And who has been affected by our stories since then? Two, which one of us benefited the most from the experience? Neither. In each case life was held sacred and trust was a huge factor, helping to explain how each of us felt. I felt, deeply the trust that Junco had in me; he completely gave himself to me and Spirit. I trusted unconditionally in Spirit and opened myself to Spirit and asked that help might come to Junco. Three, how does all this relate to our daily lives? At a time when many of us are spreading our wings, one tip touching the Sun and the other touching the Moon, where do you turn to if  you “hit a window”? With whom do you place your trust? What will help you carry on afterwards? What is your source of love to help you sustain life? What keeps your inner light burning brightly?

Home Practice: 

Following your heart, your dream, your intuition, connect with a sacred place in Nature. Listen to the birds as they sing their song of creation and renewed life; allow their voices to fill your core and connect to your Heart Flame, your Soul Seed… YOU!

  • What do you feel? What are they singing to YOU? How are they answering your questions? Ask for the wisdom of the Bird People.
  • Reflect upon what you “hear”. Does it connect with your own flight at this time?
  • How can you include what you have been “given” in your daily life practices? With friends? With family? With fellow workers? With anyone you meet?

If anyone asks you where all this insight has come from, tell them,” A little birdie told me so.” You will not be far from the TRUTH!

Thank you; be well friends and… fly!

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