Circle Stories From The Heart

A collection of stories, reflections, home practices, and more from circle members and facilitators of the Way of the Circle Centre.

Cultivating Community

Over the past couple years of pandemic isolation, uncertainty and stress, I was feeling disconnected from myself and I was hoping that the retreat would help me “reset” and feel nourished.
What I experienced at Heartwood was beyond my expectations. Although I had a strong feeling it would be a special experience, I was surprised by how deeply the retreat impacted me.

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Fiddleheads and Wonder Wands – Self Discovery Through Play

The recent Heart Flow retreat began with an invitation to ‘‘Wander with Wonder’ connecting with what was emerging in the natural world around us.  Engaging our childlike wonder is a key to transforming heaviness into lightness from fiddleheads to wonder wands, we were creating space for new life to emerge.  What might it be like to

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