Whole Humanness: Wisdom of Star Language

Guest Post by Jane Large, Retreat Attendee & Mentor, Circle Member

Whole Humanness: Wisdom of Star Language

In preparation for our recent Soul Journey gathering at Northern Edge Algonquin, our sister Sandi called us to bring a stone to connect with during our 7 hours of solo journeying. During my solo journeying, I felt called to pick up my stone and began to dip it into the lake and draw with it on the flat stone I was sitting on. The symbol I drew was an equilateral triangle with a circle connecting all 3 points of the triangle.

I began to draw this symbol using the stone dipped in the lake water on the face of my drum, my staff and a piece of wood that is to become a rainbow serpent. At this time I did not understand what this symbol represented, but felt a deep calling to draw this symbol. The next day I was called by my ancestors to do a mud ceremony at the ancestor staircase by the lake. As part of this ceremony I collected 3 heart-shaped stones. I lay the stones down next to my drum, my staff and my serpent stick, which I then covered in black mud after I had covered myself so that ‘only the whites of my eyes were showing’. Later that day, as part of our gathering we made a membrane of love, a mixture of ingredients we brought to nourish ourselves and our skin after the clearing of the solo journeying. The next morning I was called again to the ancestor staircase to rinse my drum, my staff, my stick and the stones of the mud that had covered them and then coat them in the membrane of love. Later that day I went down to the lake to rinse everything off. When I picked up the stones I felt called to place them in the sand at the water’s edge, each one as the point of an equilateral triangle. I then drew a circle in the sand to connect all 3 points of the triangle. It was then that the significance of this symbol was shared with me. I was told that in star language this symbol represented wholeness, and later, as my understanding evolved that it means Whole Humanness. 

This star language symbol has come to us at this time to remind us that we are inherently whole. Wholeness is our birthright. It stands for unity of all parts that make the whole, in general within the whole of humanity and within each of us as human beings. The symbol represents the core sacred truth that each Being in Creation is an integral part of the whole, just as each aspect of humanness is integral to the whole, both within an individual and also how each person is an integral part of the whole of humanity on Earth.

Each point and corresponding side of the triangle represents one of 3 sacred aspects of humanness: mind/emotion, body, Soul. As the points are joined to make the sides of the triangle this represents how each of these aspects is important to maintain the integrity of the structure. Without one point and corresponding side to the triangle, the structure of the triangle is incomplete, just as if one aspect within our humanness is ignored, repressed, misused or uncared for we are not complete, we are not standing in our wholeness as a human. The circle that connects each point of the triangle represents how each aspect of our humanness is important and meant to work together in unison and harmony to support the greater whole of our being-ness. Essentially, for each individual human being, this symbol represents the sacred truth that we are whole and that we are meant to live a life where our mind/emotions, body and Soul are in harmony and working together in unison, as one.

On a greater scale in humanity, this symbol represents humans standing together holding hands, joined as brother and sisters on Earth. Imagine each point of the triangle is an individual and the sides of the triangle are our arms reaching out to each other to connect. This demonstrates how integral each person is to the structure and integrity of the greater structure of humanity. It recognizes that each one of us has a purpose and is able to contribute to the greater good of all of humanity if we stand first in our individual wholeness and then share the gifts and talents we have cultivated to support the highest purpose and growth of the whole. 

The circle connecting all points of the triangle of the Whole Humanness star symbol demonstrate how we are being called to cooperate and work together towards greater unity and harmony among all human beings. This symbol represents the ‘big picture’ learning that we are being called to do as human beings. We are mind/emotions, body and Soul together in one package as human beings. So, while we are here to cultivate and express our gifts and talents, we are being called to do so in such a way that supports the highest purpose for the whole, for all of humanity.

Just as we are being called to care for our body and our mind, we are also being called to tend to our spiritual growth, developing the awareness within our mind that we are Soul embodied. That we, as whole Soul Beings, came here for a purpose, to live as whole humans and remember just how important we are in fulfilling the wholeness of humanity. 

Although my life was already full and rich, since integrating the medicine of the Whole Humanness star symbol my life has changed significantly in positive ways. I realized that I was being called to come into a deeper level of harmony with my own Being-ness; to appreciate, honour and respect my whole self, and to tend to any aspect of my human being-ness that I had yet to accept fully. For example, even though my overall relationship with my body has improved significantly in the past 5 years, I still felt detached from my body sometimes, as if my head was not attached to it. After integrating the medicine of the Whole Humanness star symbol I have developed a deeper peace with my body, and have experienced spontaneous healing of nagging dis-eases. When I walk I feel like I am walking as all of myself. I feel more confident and at peace within. I feel a greater sense of overall abundance in my life and a greater desire to share this abundance with others. My family has also experienced miraculous healing and long-held ill feelings seem to have evaporated into the ethers. And when I move around in my daily life, I feel a deeper kinship with my Earthly brothers and sisters. I feel this link between our hearts, and understand the beauty and power that is human to human interaction. I understand more deeply the beauty and power that manifests when we stand in our own wholeness while standing together in the circle of humanity to which we all belong.

Home Practice

Part 1:

If possible, sit or lay under the stars. As you gaze at the stars, or alternatively, gaze into the Whole Humanness star symbol, use your breathing to also connect with your heart centre and all of your senses. As you do so, ask yourself these guiding questions:

  • What aspect of my wholeness am I being called to tend to at this time?
  • What simple action can I take to tend to my individual wholeness?
  • What gifts or talents am I being called to cultivate at this time? How am I being called to share my gifts and talents in support of the whole of humanity?
  • Knowing each of us is an integral part of the whole, are there any connections I am being called to tend to within my family, work place, greater community?

Part 2:

The painting that I shared with you is my individual representation of my whole humanness using the star language symbol for wholeness/human. Gather a sheet of paper and some pens, pencils or other art supplies you feel called to use. When you are ready to begin connect with your heart centre using your breathing. Using your imagination and all of your senses become aware of what your wholeness looks like. Using the basic star symbol of an equilateral triangle with point joined by a circle, create your individual representation of your own wholeness using whatever colours, textures and media you feel called to use. 

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