My Inner Landscape: Emerging a Leader

inner landscape

If you had the ability to SEE inside of yourself, would you?

The natural world is a powerful teacher and has the capacity to reveal to us our very own true nature. Visualizing your ‘inner landscape’ is a tool that can help you reflect and connect inwards to ‘see’ and interpret the bigger picture of what is going on deep inside of you. This visualization serves as a representation of your state of emotions and current location on your journey as a physical landscape.

You may find the process of creating an inner landscape to be very meditative; feeling the creation move through you as you access your subconscious and then reflect on your piece after completion. On the other hand, you may have a very engaged experience as you actively and consciously explore your inner landscape and how best to represent it.

In beginning this creation I had no expectations of what my inner landscape would reveal or look like, and the experience was incredibly insightful and powerful for connecting inward and interpreting my emotions and journey.

Some gems of what my inner landscape revealed to me:
* Sunlight: Third eye chakra blessing: may you understand your true nature.
* Rough waters and jagged shoreline: Areas of my life which need tending to for sunny skies, calm waters and smooth shore.
* Trees as lungs: Building a strong foundation and rooting into my breath, and to have awareness towards what i am inhaling and exhaling.
* Night sky: Removing limitations and creating without bounds.
* Emerge a leader: Moving into leadership with my voice and what I breathe life into.

I was provided with a ‘whole’ picture of myself, seeing the gaps between my conscious mind and what I present via my ‘outer’ landscape against what makes its home inside my body and mind.

I’ll be revisiting my inner landscape in 3 months time after our ‘Finding Freedom: Desire Map Retreat’ in nature at Northern Edge Algonquin.

Following the intuitive guidance of your heart, dive into the creation of your inner landscape! Explore what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, tastes and smells like. Which season are you in? How’s the weather? Is the environment harsh and desolate or thriving and abundant? Do natural elements appear? What is the topography like?

In my creation I intuitively placed the landscapes over top of my image to cover it up; however, the clues became more clear to me once I combined my inner + outer landscape images. Only **you** can best know how to interpret your inner landscape and these guiding questions can get you started: What does your inner landscape reveal to you? What aspect of your life is the landscape reflecting? What does the location of the placement of the landscape onto the physical body imply? Where would you like to evolve your inner landscape? What life changes can you make that support your evolving landscape?

Enjoy exploring your inner landscape!

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