My Soul’s Compass

Guest Post by Karin Vanhinsberg, Retreat Attendee/Mentor & Circle Member

Dear Beloved Circle,

Have you ever had a dream that arrives back to your mind with a new significance for that moment in time? I find myself ever amazed at how some dreams resurface repeatedly, both like a ripening and a blossoming of layers that arrive when a situation and understanding culminate to illustrate that layer. I have shared before the following dream. I first experienced it as a dream of Unity because imbedded in the dream is the message that all our Souls desire Unity. The dream contains a template for an empowered community, with each person embodying their own medicine and all intuitively connected to the ‘bigger picture’ of a collective wholeness. At this moment, I experience it as a Compass Dream- one that reveals evolving awareness to keep me on my Soul’s path.

The dream begins as I enter a formal drawing room; a few other people are there. Silently and simultaneously we notice that the room is partially full of Water. We all know that one man there will ask one woman to ‘be the Swan’. Our breath held in anticipation we wait while the man looks with a humble emotion-filled request into the eyes of the woman. She receives his request; considers, and then silently agrees. We all watch with arrow-focus as she glides silently throughout the room; as the ‘Swan’, her graceful dance creates no disturbance or ripple of the Water.

The layer I hear in this dream is that of holding and acting with the big picture in focus. Upon discovering the flood, there is not even a flicker of panic that would normally send those present scrambling for a shop-vac and the phone number of an emergency plumber. Profoundly, there is only the unified knowing and holding space for what is truly needed for the greater meaning of that moment.

In a journey to the Swans, I understand that their Medicine is their presence in this world; their grace and beauty elevate the vibrations of the Earth. The Swans offer the Invitation to be the one to take the action steps that raise the vibration, elevate the situation with grace, honour, accountability or most especially laughter… instead of falling prey to fear-based reactions whose concentric ripples seem endless.

What I am learning to embody from this layer is that when I embrace looking, dreaming, listening or journeying for the bigger picture, I feel in balance, it is possible to hold space for a confusion around me, notice how big or small my part may be in a given situation; and, I see where my Soul Compass is pointing.

In Gratitude and with huge love for the Swans,

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