Preparing for a Circle Gathering

The Circle invites us to:

  • Gather our ‘pieces’ to contribute to the circle. Pieces may come in different forms such as: questions, dreams, shamanic journeys, heart yearnings, meditations, visions, healing needed, and personal experiences/teachings. 
  • Share our pieces with the circle (on, in conference calls, at the circle gathering), while releasing any expectations of how the sharing may be received or utilized. When we share our pieces, they are freed to inspire and connect with other circle member’s pieces. And like pieces of a puzzle, can come together to form a bigger picture, informing the greater whole.
  • Acknowledge any shadows, triggers, or challenges that may surface in attempt to distract us leading up to a circle gathering. Some examples of how these energies may present themselves: a cold, bodily discomfort, a flat tire, harsh weather conditions, emotional reactions or “drama” heightening in the people around us, a new work obligation suddenly presenting itself etc…
  • Claim our seat in the circle. When we commit to participating in a circle gathering, the circle holds space for our presence, to be filled with our purpose, gifts, and pieces when we physically show up. Only we can fill this space that we have co-created into being.
  • Gently and lovingly begin to let go of the weight of past experiences rooted in fear. As we do this, we create the sacred space within to hold the light potential of our gifts, purpose and wisdom.
  • Seek, gather and utilize the tools of empowering change and transformation, so we can continually grow with our ability to respond. In doing so, we co-create a new light-filled extraordinary reality for ourselves, our family, our communities, and our earth. We are the answers to the biggest needs we see in our world.

Following the inner guidance of your heart and ask:

  • What is my purpose/intention for participating in this circle gathering?
  • How will this gathering nourish me? What nourishment will I offer to this gathering?
  • What are my fears? What am I prepared to leave behind?
  • What am I prepared to let go of to achieve my dreams?
  • What pieces am I bringing to this gathering?

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