The Ancient Healing of Rocks

By Martha Lucier & Jan Beaver

Mother Earth is asking us all to wake up now. She is calling us to step into our response-ability as members of the circle of life to which we all belong. Together we can live the highest possible expression of our spirit and return to our original blueprint, in harmonious alignment with the natural rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth. Rocks and crystals have the capacity to raise our consciousness while unlocking ancient wisdom within us, awakening the healing potential we inherently carry.



One of my most profound healing experiences happened while assisting with a University of Windsor Outdoor Recreation Course in Algonquin Park in 1993. This group of thirty students plus instructors was the first group we hosted at what would eventually become ‘Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat and Awareness Centre’.

In preparation for the 9 day experience, I gradually weaned my son from nursing, who was over a year old at the time.  As we launched our canoes beginning our journey into the interior of the park, I felt the strong emotion of leaving my youngest for the first time.  I was in a ‘leadership’ role and didn’t want to cry in front of the students, so I took in a deep breath and swallowed my tears.

When we reached the furthest point of the journey camping on Lake Manitou, I developed a high fever and a very large lump in my neck.  The other leaders were very concerned and were considering evacuating me.  

That evening, one of the other leaders invited me to go on a walk into the forest to see if nature could offer some healing, while the rest of the group gathered around the fire.  I accepted his invitation.  I could see my friend shapeshift into a black panther, crawling like a cat through the dense forest.  I followed him as he wound around trees and rocks, sniffing and listening; moving with grace.  

He stood up and began to sing a medicine song.  He was no longer my friend, but a vessel for a powerful spirit who was directing the healing.  We came to a very large rock.  He took my hands and placed them on the rock, while singing.  As soon as my hands touched the rock’s surface, I heard the rock speak to me.  The rock invited me to lay down upon it allowing myself to be cradled, as though the rock was the lap of my grandfather.  

I felt soothed by the song my friend continued to sing, and began to cry rivers of tears, while grieving that this would be the last child I would nurse.  When the tears subsided, the rock began to talk again to me, inviting me to look at the beautiful stars above, and that I am forever connected with my son and all my children as I carry them in my heart.  

I felt as though I was laying upon the rock for days, while ancient stories flowed opening my vision to a greater perspective.  When the teachings were complete, my friend stopped singing and assisted me off the rock.  He shapeshifted back into the panther, and we returned to our campsite.  

On the next morning when I awoke, I no longer had a fever, and the lump in my neck was gone.  I knew that it was the Spirit of the rock that assisted me in connecting with the source of the my illness, digging deep to unlock the ancient healing wisdom within.  

The rocks remind us that when we go deep to access the ancient healing within, we enter into an expansive community of support, opening to the potential we carry, empowering ourselves to evolve, so that we can share and express this wisdom with the world.

From this deep place, the rocks and stones support us to rise into the mountain of our being, of our highest possible expression of our spirit aligned with Mother Earth.


Back in 2015, I was lucky enough to attend a Causal Realignment training with Asante Penny. I didn’t know anything about it at the time, but Spirit called me to go so I knew it must be important.

Around the physical body and the earth’s body are electro-magnetic layers called the Aura. The aura of the human body is comprised four layers.  Physical (attitudes, emotions and health), Mental (mind and consciousness), Astral (connection between material and spirit) and Causal (higher consciousness).  

The causal body is that part of our aura that stays with our soul through all of our lifetimes, linking us to our higher consciousness, other realms and dimensions.  Causal re-alignment is a process of bringing all the layers of our aura into perfect harmonious alignment with our causal body, and the electro-magnetic fields of the Earth.   

Asante introduced us to the quartz crystal Stone People who would be facilitating the realignment of our causal aura. They were each wrapped in copper wire and hung on copper chains, looking very much like dowsing pendulums but their work is very different from dowsing.

Asante began by working on me, as I was suffering with an acute case of reactive arthritis at the time and I was in excruciating pain. I watched in awe as she used a technique for working with an injury. Immediately, the crystal came alive and began moving in strong and powerful ways. I could feel the energy shifting in my body as the crystal worked in my causal field.  Powerful healing took place as we worked on injuries, the centre line of chakras and our causal bodies. It was a transformational experience.  Flow and balance is restored when our aura is aligned with the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

Most of my life, I have worked with the energy fields around my body, attuning myself to how they function and learning how to strengthen them. These crystals blew me away with their vitality and strength as they worked on the causal body.   

We began to get more information about the use of causal realignment in a much more cosmic way to bring into harmony energies on a much larger scale. As we learned more about causal realignment and became more familiar with the crystals, the depth and magnitude of this work began to reveal itself. What an incredible tool to attune to the guidance of your own spirit as well as the wisdom of these stone people! What a gift this is for humanity to come into alignment with Mother Earth!

Causal realignment is a tool desperately needed on Earth right now as humanity strives to elevate consciousness to higher and higher levels. The Mayan people tell us that we are entering a very critical time on Mother Earth, the Fifth Sun.  This is an age of expanded consciousness, as new human being is emerges, willing and able to live in harmony with all of Creation.

Home practice

How can we come into deeper community with the stone people? What would it be like to be held and supported by the stones?

Recall a time a rock or crystal came into your life. Allow your love and gratitude to flow to and from this lifeform.  

Connecting with the spirit of the stone or crystal, what does it wish for you to know? What story does it have to share with you? What story do you have to share with it? What story do you carry about the healing potential of rocks and crystals?

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