The Edge of Death

Guest Post by Jane Large, Retreat Attendee & Mentor, Circle Member

At the Edge of Death everything becomes clear. That which was cloudy becomes crystalline. The Heart opens, the eyes illuminated and the tongue loose and ready to share the Truth. The body surrenders into the Black Light of Creation, emerging like the blazing fires of the Sun.

At the Edge of Death all things are possible. Gone are the inhibitions and shackles of the past. Our Hearts alight as we cross the threshold into the Infinite, the infinite potential of Life. The clouds part, illuminating the path forward and we take it with the innocent abandon of a child.

At the Edge of Death is where Life begins. Every cell vibrates in anticipation of the transformation afoot. The blood rushes like the rivers in the great canyons. We rise and put on our dancing shoes, moving in ways we never had imagined for ourselves.

To be at the Edge of Death is truly gift; one that does not take dying to receive. For every moment is the Edge of Death, and every moment the re-birthing of our very existence. To die is to live, and to live is to be reborn.

So at the Edge of Death in the ever present moment, look yourself eye to eye and celebrate the unfolding of your infinite transformation into the Divine Being you are.

When you can embrace the gift of Death, you will finally embrace the gift of your Life. Death is not end to, but rather an initiation into living.

Home Practice

After reading this piece, take some time to sit and connect into your Heart space. Using all of your senses, imagine holding Death in one hand and Birth in the other. Send love to both and notice how this feels within you without judgement. In Ancient Chinese teachings, what we know as yin and yang are actually called yinyong and are represented by an ever moving orb; yin and yang are two forces that are inseparable and work together in Sacred Partnership. And so to is the Cycle of Life – a constant dance of deathing and birthing that keeps the cycle flowing as energy shifts forms.

The season of fall presents a wonderful opportunity to witness transformation through letting go and the many forms of death. Venture outside to see the Cycle of Life in motion. Notice what aspects of letting go and death are around you. What purpose do these serve? How will the letting go or death of this season fuel the rebirth to come in spring?

Now allow yourself to wonder – What aspects of letting go and death in my own life fuel or have fuelled rebirth? What would it be like for me to make space for rebirth by standing at the Edge of Death and letting go?

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