Song: Coming Home

Coming Home

By Martha Lucier, CCSS Founder

This song came to me on a walk this past fall, as I prepared myself to be with my mother through her transition into the spirit realm. Last spring, I had a long conversation with her in which she expressed feeling like an outsider and her need to feel included and part of the circle. At 2 a.m. on the morning of her final journey, the song drummed me awake, compelling me to sing it to her. Sitting next to her, playing my rattle I sang this song for a long, long time, witnessing her coming home to her loved ones’, her own heart and to the circle to which we all belong.


Coming home, 
to the heart light, 
to the fire within.

Coming home, 
to Mother Earth, 
to the earth within.

Coming home, 
to the waters, 
to the river within.

Coming home, 
to the songlines, 
to the song within.

Wreath created with the berries, herbs and flowers from around my mother’s home, wrapped with rose ribbon she used to sew the children’s clothes.  This was placed upon her head before her internment, as a symbol of her crown and connection to the circle of life.

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