Pillars of Light – Preparing our Vessels, Part 1

Guest Post by Jane Large, Retreat Attendee & Mentor, Circle Member

If we could gaze upon each other with our Creator Eyes, the clearest and truest eyes we have, we would see that each one of us is a Pillar of Light, ever connected to the Heavens through our crowns and to the Earth through our feet. This Light, which is our Divine Spark, our Creator Being Essence, is the Full Spectrum of Light (which includes all Polarities or Dualities, our Light and Shadow). We would also see that we are both the Light and the Vessels –  how a river is only a river because it is water flowing between two banks. With our Creator Eyes, we would see that we are innately connected in Oneness, the vast indescribable reality of Source, from which we originated and that which we are. 

Those of us who are called by the yearning of our Soul to bring Light forth, liberating the Divine Sparks hidden within all of Life, are being asked to strengthen our Vessels to hold more and more of our Light, shining brighter and brighter. The Vessel that can hold the most Light, the Full Light of Truth is strong, yet also clear and flexible. Like the tree, if we wish to reach higher, we must first dig deeper and broader roots. In order to be a shining river of Light, like a river we must have banks strong enough to hold our flowing waters. And at a time that for many seems darker and darker, we are being asked to clarify our Vessels so that we may see clearly, hear clearly and speak clearly from the Place of Source within us. We are being asked shine the Light on our expectations, judgements and all old beliefs, letting go of rigidity to become the fluid Beings we are, Beings who are flexible enough to walk through a storm.

A human being is comprised of many layers of Vessels which make up the Whole; we have physical, emotional, mental and energy Vessels or Bodies. Each one of these bodies houses our Essence, the Full Light of Truth hidden deep within us. As we move on our spiritual journey, we may unveil or make visible more and more of our innate Light. To do this our Vessels, our Bodies, must be strong, clear and flexible.

Although our Being is made up of many layers of Vessels and Light, each layer is interconnected to the others and influence each other. What we do to strengthen, clear or make flexible one layer ripples through our entire Being and transforms all our Bodies. For example, what we do to clarify our senses may influence not only our energetic senses, but also our physical senses because all we are is one Whole. On my journey, I have found that anything I do on a mental, emotional or energetic level influences my body, and my physical Vessel is a wonderful barometer that communicates with me where I am called to inner work, such as self-acceptance, forgiveness or truthfulness.

The exploration of preparing my Vessels led me to mirror work using Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness, which I originally learned from Kumu Jeana Nuali when she visited Canada to offer Lomi Lomi training at the Edge. To gaze upon myself with self-acceptance has been challenge for me over the years, becoming less and less. However, one evening I felt a residue of self-judgement as I looked my bathroom mirror. Instead of feeling bad, shaming myself or avoiding my own gaze, I squared myself to look directly into my own eyes. After a few moments, I began to offer Ho’oponopono to myself – I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. I held my own gaze as the prayers flowed repeatedly, as I asked myself for forgiveness for all the judgement, ill treatment, and misguided beliefs I had projects onto myself. As I did this, I noticed that my eyes began to change, becoming more and more clear and bright. At one point, there was a such a significant shift in my eyes, it took my by surprise. And then spontaneously, these words flowed from my lips, There you are. Welcome Home. I don’t even know what part of me spoke those words to myself and it does not matter; in that moment when I saw those eyes, I knew I had made a huge shift to my multidimensional vision. I realized I was seeing my True Eyes, my Real Eyes, in my own reflection. I have continued to offer Ho’oponopono to myself in the mirror, especially if I notice any subtle residues of judgement arising when I look in the mirror. As for my eyes, I have noticed that since that first day there was a permeant shift in their colour and clarity. It is my understanding that eyes have been unveiled to a certain extent. The beauty of this practice is that is it working through inner Alchemy to clarify my entire Being because I am engaging my physical, mental, emotional, energetic Bodies together to unveil my most inner Vessel and Light, the Essence of Source within me.

Home Practice

We are not only meant to gaze upon others with our Creator Eyes, but also to regard ourselves in that same way, to see ourselves as Pillars of Light interconnected with All. As with all things, it begins at home, within our own self. Because we are all part of Oneness, if we wish to regard others in their Light, we must not omit ourselves from the equation. As the saying goes – As within, so without. I have also found that as I find forgiveness within my own self, a natural by-product of that is I am less judgemental and more forgiving towards others. I understand that to find peace within does not require others to seek my forgiveness or offer apologies; as I use Ho’oponopono for/with myself, it dissolves many of the residues of anger, resentment or judgement I have harboured (consciously and unconsciously) against others.

To do this Home Practice you will need to stand in front of a mirror. I use the relatively small mirror in my bathroom; however, you can use whatever mirror you have as long as you can gaze into both eyes at once. Before beginning, take a few moments to centre yourself in your heart through your breath, so that the prayer may be offered from that sacred space. Begin by gazing into your own eyes, continuing to breath through the heart. With awareness, allow to arise whatever thoughts or feeling come, perhaps residues of judgement or limiting beliefs. Allow these to rise as they are informing you of what you are being invited to clear using Ho’oponopono. Holding your own gaze, offer yourself Ho’oponopono – I am sorry. Please forgive me (for….). Thank you. I love you. If you do not have the same experience I had, do not shame yourself or wonder if you got it wrong; each of us has our own experiences and yours may be vastly different than mine. To finish this practice, offer yourself gratitude for your courage and for taking the time to nourish yourself from the heart. You may wish to record any of your experiences in a personal journal or notebook.

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