What The Wisdom Of An Ancient Rock Revealed To Me

Guest Post by Jocelynne Robinson, Collective Circle Member

During a Heart Blossom retreat I recently attended, we were invited to seek out a rock that was willing to reveal it’s ancient wisdom to us about what is blossoming in our hearts. We were further invited to paint with watercolour what we could see in the rock. This experience was transformative for me. The ancient stone revealed to me an image of myself!

When I first examined the stone I saw marbled patches of black and white and pink and then when I rotated the rock in my hand I observed that two sides of the stone were smooth but one edge of the stone had been broken and it revealed inside flecks of glimmering rainbow coloured sparkles. The next thing that revealed itself to me in the stone was an image of a butterfly and that is when it occurred to me that the wisdom in the stone was showing me that what needs to blossom is my connection to myself! For years now I have answered to the name Rainbow Sparkle Butterfly and there she was reflected back to me in the stone.

She represents the essence of my purest truest self. For so much of my adult life, she has been kept hidden in the depths of my heart. As soon as I recognized her, I realized for how long it had been since I last felt her sparkle freely within me. During the remaining balance of our gathering, pieces of this message continued to unfold until finally it was revealed to me that what Rainbow Sparkle Butterfly represents is my inner-child. My inner-child was reaching out to me in order for me to give her room to blossom in my heartsong. The last piece of our journeying was to use our less dominant hand to complete our art creations and what came from that experience for me was the realization that I cannot fully embody all that my purpose and service is without being in full connection to my inner-child and allowing her the freedom to speak in me and through me. She holds the key to my most intimate connection to all that is.

I painted an art piece during my revealing time with the sacred rock. This image initially took form as a butterfly and evolved through a process of unfolding. As I became aware that Rainbow Sparkle Butterfly was my inner-child, the image I painted didn’t seem to capture her. So I continue to work on the image until another revelation came to me. For the duration of the gathering I was assigned to be of service in the Fire Pod, and during one of our discussions about what fire represented to each of us in the pod, I was prompted to share the parable about the refiners fire. As the story goes, the refiners job is to turn ore into pure metal. To do this, the refiner takes the unrefined metal and repeatedly exposes it to the fire in order to burn off the impurities until all that is left is pure metal. The moral of the parable is that we as human beings also need to be tested in the fire, through trying events in our lives, to burn off the impurities that sometimes prevent us from being and living out the purest version of ourselves. Recalling this story as I worked on my art creation, I had a vision. In the vision, I saw this refining process being done on the image of the butterfly I had painted that I could not identify with. It lead me to a process of pressing out my image with a new blank sheet of paper that represented the purest version of me. I took the new sheet and payed it onto the image I created and began to press the new sheet into the original design. What was revealed to me after this process resonated perfectly with the pure, free essence of Rainbow Sparkle Butterfly. As a commitment to my inner-child, I burned in the sauna’s purification fire the original image as an offering to the spirits that I received the message that I needed to re-connect with my inner-child and that I was never going to allow her to be suppressed by an “image” of a butterfly or any other image ever again.

Thanks to this Heart Blossoming journey, I am free to sparkle and fly and affect the world with all my inner-beauty.


Home Practice: Rock Divination

Find a rock that calls to you.

Offer the question to your heart and the rock: What is stirring inside me ready to be revealed anew to the world?

Take a moment to watch and listen to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore, as an invitation to awaken what is stirring inside you to be revealed.

Choose one side of the rock, and peer into it looking for four images. Once you have found an images, write them down in a journal.

If each image could share a simple message with you, what would it be? Write them down.

Reviewing the four messages, what are the common threads and core gems from each that can be woven together into one simplified message of what is stirring inside of you ready to be revealed anew to the world?

What would it be like to explore a creative expression of this message?

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