I Flow

Guest Post by Daniela Masaro

Inspiration took hold and a poem came to me.

I feel the poem was truly conceived by the Heart Flow gathering, as it’s been quite some time since I wrote or even shared my poetry. I wanted to fully capture the essence of flow through words and form. If you examine the lines of the poem, you will see that it is structured like waves reaching and receding on the shoreline or like heartbeat patterns on a heart monitor.

Right now, I am trying to remember to fully live in the flow and embrace all of its rhythms and simply surrender to where I am being led and called.

I Flow

From the depths of my soul.

Cascading down thundering waterfalls.

Trickling into shimmering pools.

Oozing into corners and crevices.

I succumb to fluidity.





Unhindered by chains and ties, I reach, I stretch, I strive.

Finding my way on a path which leads me To an unknown.

Safe in the assurance that universe is guiding me To where I’m supposed to be.

My heart open.





Veins filled with crimson nectar.

My pulse resounding like a drum.

Beating to the rhythm of the mother.

Ebbing and rising with the moon.

Guided by the stars.

I surrender

And allow myself

To converge

With the all,

To the us

As we flow.


Home Practice:

I often like to create a water ritual at home. I begin by setting an intention or simply leaving myself open to insight, then sit in my bathtub and allow the waterfall from the shower head to stream over me; just sitting and reflecting and allowing myself to be cleansed and purified. Sometimes I allow the tub to fill while seated under the waterfall and then add crystals or essential oils for some extra water magic and take some time to meditate. This helps me to connect not only with the soothing element of water, but with my inner self and the insights and wisdom within me.

Allow yourself to wander and connect with a source of flow. Listening deeply, what does flow sound like​? ​Looking with the eyes of our heart, what does flow look like​? ​What shape, colour and texture does it have​?​ Breathing ​fully, what is the scent of flow​ ? ​Tuning into the flow within yourself, what does flow feel like​?​

What would it be like to surrender with ease, drop by drop, to the flow of life?

What would it be like to allow the harmonious song of the universe to flow through you?

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1 thought on “I Flow”

  1. Dave Kirchmann

    I have just returned from a beautiful mountain camping experience where a clear stream was flowing down, sparkling and clean enough to drink. Your poem resonated with the words and the feeling recreating that stream in my heart. Thank you

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