5 Facts About Living on Solar Power:

1. You have to turn solar panels to follow the sun

On bright and sunny days, members of the Edge family have to make sure that each of the solar panels are turned in order to follow the sun anywhere from three to six times a day.

2. Anything that produces heat will suck all of the energy out of your solar panels

What many people don’t know is that it takes an incredible amount of power to use any appliance that produces heat (ie. toasters, blow dryers, hair straighteners). We generally use approximately two amps on an average day, every day, running things like refrigeration and basic lighting here at the Edge. A blowdryer uses a whopping 15 amps!

3. Solar energy has no associated noise pollution

Much like the rest of the Edge, relying on solar energy allows both staff and guests to truly appreciate the serenity of nature. You can harness as much solar energy from the sun as you want and there is pretty much zero noise pollution attached to it.

4. You have to be a lot more careful about how you use your power during a Canadian winter

Solar panels do still work in the winter but you have to make sure that they are clear of snow and be mindful of the fact that there are less hours where the sun is shining and thus you have a much shorter day of sunlight to capture.

5. Solar power has to be converted from DC power into AC power

When solar panels absorb the sun, they take that energy and turn it into DC power which is stored in a battery (kind of like your car battery). Then, when power is needed, it gets turned from DC power into AC power through a process called inverting, and then it gets sent to all of the outlets and things that require that power.

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