Living in Harmony with Sacred Law: Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about the Sacred Laws of Oneness, Vibration and Manifestation. These Sacred Laws are the keys to understanding how the Creation forces of the macrocosm work. Now, we turn our attention to the remaining five Sacred Laws, which relate more to the microcosm. We are the microcosm. As we work with these Sacred Laws within ourselves, we affect the macrocosm, for we are one and the same, just on a different scale.

Law of Cause and Effect

For every action (cause), there is an equal and opposite reaction (effect). When we acknowledge that we are Creator beings, we begin to realize that our thoughts, words, beliefs and deeds cause reactions in the people and the world around us. In order to consistently create positive effects in our lives, we must begin a process of self-monitoring on a daily basis.

Energy follows awareness. If we place awareness on the tragedies in the world and our lives, the effect will be sadness, grief and despair. If we place awareness on judging others for their shortcomings, the effect will be anger and hatred.

If we place awareness with gratitude on happy uplifting events, the effect will be joy and peace. If we place awareness on the good qualities of the people around us, the effect will be love and respect.

Where are you putting your awareness? Are your feelings uplifting you or dragging you down? How can you shift your interactions with yourself and others into more positive ones?

Law of Reciprocity

Life involves give and take. Relationships must be mutually beneficial or they will be draining. A good example of this is when people do not feel comfortable asking for money in exchange for services they are providing. The sacred law of reciprocity requires equal exchange of energy in all relationships in order to be balanced energetically. Money is just one form of energy. Acts of kindness, uplifting words and loving touch are other forms of energy exchange. If someone is not willing to be in reciprocity in their relationship with you, sometimes it is necessary, for your own well-being, to walk away. Reciprocal relationships honor all parties in the relationship.

Are there relationships in your life which you feel are not reciprocal? Can they be shifted in mutually agreeable ways to balance the exchange of energy?

Law of Rhythm

Everything in Creation follows a rhythm, whether it is the movement of our Sun around the Great Central Sun, the phases of the moon, the movement of the tides or the life cycles of all living things. We can utilize the energies of these cosmic cycles to manifest into reality our dreams and visions. The solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, new moon and full moon times are all powerful portals of energy for manifestation in the rhythms of Creation. It is very important to be aware of the Divine inspiration and intentions you are holding, particularly at these very powerful moments.

The Sacred Law of Rhythm reflects that the only thing that is constant in our existence is change. What we need to realize is that we have two very powerful tools as Creator beings, voices to speak truth and the power of choice. These gifts can change everything around us.

Quantum science reveals that there is no reality until it has been perceived. It has also proven something called the Observer Effect. Our awareness and conscious observation can influence and change the Quantum field, not just in the present but in the past and future as well. Think about what that means. We are intimately affected by the vibrational frequencies around us and our perceptions of the world and our community. We have the power to consciously create the reality we choose and change our destiny through our perception and the process of manifestation.

Is the rhythm of your life harmonious? Can you use the Observer Effect to perceive a new reality for something that is not harmonious in your life?

Law of Polarity

All forces in Creation are on a continuum with opposites at each end: hot/cold, hard/soft, masculine/feminine, truth/falsehood, good/bad, love/hate, light/darkness, joy/anger, courage/fear, compassion/cruelty. These forces are at play everywhere and we, as humans, have all of these within us. These opposites are identical in nature but they differ in degree. They are extremes of the same thing, for example, hate is a total absence of love, joy is a total absence of anger, compassion is a total absence of cruelty and vice versa.

The key here is to know that no matter what you are experiencing in your life, there is the possibility that you can experience the polar opposite of that. The choice is yours. This is done by consciously choosing how you respond to situations and events in your life. Emotions can be allies or your enemies. By staying balanced and centered, you can resist the urge to respond too quickly from an emotionally charged state. Take a few deep breaths, place your awareness into your heart and transform your feelings from hate to love, from anger to joy. Only then are you able to respond with a loving voice of truth.

After honestly looking at yourself through the lens of polarity, pick one area where you can elevate your consciousness through consciously shifting the polarity of your thoughts, words and actions. What difference do you notice in yourself and others when you shift this polarity?

Law of Relativity

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity stated that all of the universal laws are related and connected to each other, both at the microcosm and macrocosm levels. Our physical world is made real only by how we relate and compare everything within it to other things.

The higher we raise our level of consciousness, the higher our level of perception. It is important to remember that we are not our thoughts, we are the observers of your thoughts. When we consciously elevate our thoughts, feelings and beliefs to the higher vibrations of truth, love and compassion, we perceive things differently and we change our reality.

What is the nature of your relationship to yourself and your relationship to those around you? How can you elevate the thoughts, feelings and beliefs moving through you in various situations?

So ends this very brief sharing about Sacred Law. It is a journey very similar to travelling along a road that is spiraling round and round a very tall steep mountain. We can only ever see what is immediately in front of us, never what is far ahead along the road. It is only by trusting that we are on the right road, following the directional signs and taking action to stay on that road that we are able to move onward and upward. As a wise elder once said to me, “There are many roads to that high place and they are all good roads.” Miigwetch


Home Practice:

Reflect on a recent interaction you had with someone that was uplifting and loving. How was sacred law playing out in that interaction?

Now reflect on a less than uplifting interaction. Knowing what you do about sacred law, relive this interaction in a way more in harmony with sacred law. In so doing, you can shift the entire energetic blueprint of this interaction in all dimensions and timeframes.

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